A Success

Tonight’s BBB After Hours was another success.  New business connections were made, great food was enjoyed, and a spirit of optimism buzzed through the office tonight.

Brent Van Haren, SecurAlarm – looking to help medium to large businesses who are realizing how difficult it is to control access and monitor their facilities.  Visit: http://www.securalarm.com/

Stan Barnes, Barnes & Barnes Consulting – looking to sell his new book on sales, “What I Learned In Life From A Liquid Manure Pit” for $16  Purchase it: http://barnes-barnes.com/

Troy Carrigan, West Michigan Center for Family Health – inviting you to join the center.  Have all of your annual primary health care covered for $500/yr.  Investigate Here: http://centerforfamilyhealth.com/  My daughter and I go there for our primary healthcare.  I never have to wait and I never have to pay!  It’s an excellent value.

Scott Goss, Action Coach – Is looking to help small to medium business owners who work too many hours and believe there are ways to become even more successful.  Visit: http://www.actioncoach.com/scottgoss/contact.php

Rodney & Mindy, Sozo Coffee Roasters – would like you to come visit them on M-66 just north of Downtown Ionia for the world’s best coffee and sinful cinnamon rolls.  http://www.sozocoffee.com/

Pat Thompson, Stonewood Company – has executive homes to rent – some are furnished, some are ready for longer term (unfurnished) leasing.  Conveniently located to the Medical Mile.

Geoff Malone, Handcrafted Systems – is excellent at helping small to medium sized businesses with their unique IT needs.  Visit: http://handcraftedsystems.com/

John Doorn, 5 Star Real Estate – would like to help you buy your next home in Forest Hills.  Visit: http://www.johndoorn.com/

Judy Barnes, Home & Building Assoc. of Greater Grand Rapids – would like to invite the better builders of West Michigan to join us as members of the HBA.  Also, if you benefit from a strong housing market, there is an active place for you in the association.  Visit: http://www.hbaggr.com/

Barry & Andrea Watson, Better Bite Catering – want you to know that the do NOT have a menu.  They listen to you, the client, and then make suggestions for a menu that they think you’ll love.  Call: 616-365-7675

Dave Ritsema, Georgetown Damp Proofing – are here to help when you wonder why your basement is wet or are building a new home and want to make sure the basement stays dry. Call: 616-457-2130

Thanks for joining us and may you earn more chances to serve your core clients by joining us tonight.


Ben Thompson, President

Thompson Remodeling, Inc

Visit: www.ThompsonRemodeling.com