Remote Home Management

Imagine being able to unlock your doors, turn on your lights and even adjust the thermostat from just about anywhere. With a remote home management system like Schlage Home LiNK, this convenience and control is possible, and with installation from Thompson Remodeling, it’s easier than ever to set up.

The system works by using Z-Wave – a wireless “ecosystem” that allows home electronics to communicate with each other and you through the remote control. The low-power radio waves easily travel through floors and walls and can be added to almost any electronic device in your house.

With Schlage Home LiNK, your home can be accessed securely through virtually any internet-enabled computer or cell phone.

Learn more about Schlage Home LiNK and Z-Wave technology here, and if you’re interested in discussing it for your home, give Thompson Remodeling a call!

Let Me Lever With You

Accent Door Lever

Ben Has This Lever In His House

This morning, Charlie (TR Lead Carpenter) said to me, “I always tell people they need a lever door handle on at least every door handle that leads from the garage to the kitchen.  That way when your hands are full you can easily push the door level down and open the door.”

Most of us struggle every time we come home from the grocery store to get our groceries into our own homes.  This does not have to be the way we live anymore.  If you don’t want to do it yourself we can help you this.  It’s probably the time anyway for your house to leave the 90s and get an inexpensive update.  Besides being practical levers can be very elegant.  One note of caution is if you have young children the benefit of universal accessibility does mean that my kids have access to any room the house.  Joking aside, this is a great idea to make life a little easier and add a little style.

                                                              Thank you, Charlie, for bringing this up!

                                                              Check out levers here at the Schlage online design center.