Kitchen Design Process

Our firm exists to design, plan, orchestrate, and perform complex remodeling projects for happy clients.  Clients first enter a design agreement and then a construction agreement.

A sample of list of projects we do can be found here – Projects!

{The four “C”s of TRI}


Using 3-D modeling software, we visually communicate the design of your project. We provide weekly (if not daily) updates during both design and production.


We pre-plan and guarantee the total investment of a project-the amount won’t change unless you choose to change it.


We perform extensive site protection and daily cleaning. We donate, reuse, reduce, and recycle our construction materials.


A personalized schedule specific to your project reduces lead times, and lets you know the start and end date of your project. A final walkthrough ensures your project is complete and enters its warranty period.

{Our 9 Step Process}

At Thompson Remodeling, all we do is residential remodeling. It is our passion and we are recognized as experts in our field. With our 30+ years serving West Michigan, our process ensures your project is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you, our client.

{Step 1} Telephone a Thompson:

Your relationship with us starts on the day you call. We cover the basics of your project, answer questions, and decide if it’s right to set up a time for a home visit.

{Step 2} Visit to Visualize:

We visit your home to assess your needs, discuss design options, and define the problems. We then explore the beginnings of a solution matched to the current problems of your home.

{Step 3} Decide to Design:

Upon entering into a “Design Agreement” we will measure your home, take photographs, and confirm details. This enables us to draw an accurate floor plan of your specific space. Our designers will then use their creativity to propose many different solutions for your space.

{Step 4} Preliminary Proposal:

We believe this is one of the steps that sets us apart from other companies. We create a detailed and specific proposed estimate of your project. This is not a general fill-in-the-blank form with allowances, but an uniquely created document for you and your home.

We also show you multiple designs on our 3-D modeling software. Not only does this allow you to visualize your space, but also view it in 360 degrees from any perspective. We can make changes as we   sit with you, and see your vision take shape.

{Step 5} Personalized Shopping Trip with your Designer:

We don’t leave you with the complicated process of going around town to find materials based on an allowance. Your project designer will customize a shopping trip based on the elements of your project, and will personally take you to each location. This process usually takes a day. We take you directly to well respected, to-the-trades-only locations where we have strong working relationships. At the end of the day we will have collected samples of your selections to take home. This allows you to share with friends and family a glimpse of what your space will look like, along with a chance to view the materials in your home rather than a show room.

{Step 6} Site Visit:

The very nature of remodeling is changing an existing home, so there are bound to be some unknowns. To minimize the risk of unexpected surprises, and unexpected costs, we do a site visit for each project. In one morning, we gather every trade contractor that will be working on your project. They personally inspect your home and then submit a fixed price to us. We even have a camera that looks inside your walls.  Ben, our owner, will personally lead this meeting and allow you to meet and ask questions of everyone involved in your project. We work exclusively with a select group of trade contractors, some we have been working with for decades.

{Step 7} To the Penny: Agreement

This is another step that is overlooked by many companies. Because we chose all of your materials ahead of time, it minimizes the risk of long lead times, products not ordered on time, and allows you the luxury of having made all of your decisions before the first hammer swings. We pride ourselves in the ability to give you a fixed price contract. You will not see unexpected charges from us, or have to worry we underestimated our time or allowances. Unless you make a specific change during the project, your cost will not waiver. After your project contract has been signed, we create a personalized schedule that maps out the start and finish dates on your project. No more projects that will extend for weeks past when it was promised to be finished! We can also adjust your schedule if something comes up. Many a time we have adjusted the schedule to allow for a party or out-of-town visitors our clients may have.

{Step 8} Construction Layouts:

During the construction phase, your designer and carpenter meet with you several times in your home. We meet with you to map out the exact locations of your cabinets, electrical elements, templating your counter tops, and your tile. This is our way of going the extra mile for you.

{Step 9} Final Walk through:

Upon completion of your project, Ben and your project team will meet at your home. We’ll review the project and confirm that all the details are complete. We also give you a care and maintenance package on your products, so they may keep their beauty and durability for a very long time.