15 Simple Universal Design Elements Worth Considering

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.13.14

Universal design elements have become a very popular trend in remodeling. The reason can be attributed to the growth in multi-generational living and baby boomers that have decided to age-in-place rather than move. Even younger homeowners will find some of these attributes desirable for their homes. After all, universal design can be defined as products and spaces designed to make your home more accessible, safe and easy to use. That is attractive to homeowners of all ages!

Here’s a list of 15 simple universal design elements you can incorporate into your remodeling project.

1. Use more drawers and fewer cabinets in kitchens. Deep, full extension, soft-close drawers that can hold pots, pans, and dishes.

2. Microwaves installed at or just under counter height.

3. Side open ovens

4. No-threshold, walk-in showers

5. Shower benches

6. Bathroom vanity spaces that can accommodate a chair, stool or wheelchair.

7. Comfort height toilets

8. Water valves at shower entries

9. Hand held shower heads

10. Thermostats and light switches placed 48” on center

11. Lever handles on doors

12. Casement windows with cranks

13. Door openings and doorways with a minimum of 32”-34” width

14. Pocket doors

15. First-floor master suites


If you would like to discuss how to incorporate universal design into your remodeling project, please contact Thompson Remodeling.

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Kitchens gallery

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