Love Where You Live | 02.21.16

10 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Don't make these common kitchen design mistakes when remodeling your home. Kitchens are the most used room in the house and the most popular to renovate. A kitchen remodel is a great investment, and it pays off by improving function and boosting your home's value. It's easy to get wrapped up dreaming about colors, selections, and other design esthetics, but it's extremely important not to put finishes before a function. When your design is well planned and thought out you can avoid making common kitchen design mistakes.

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Love Where You Live | 02.5.16

Thompson Remodeling Wins 2016 Regional CotY for Grand Rapids Master Bath Remodel

This week we found out that we won a Regional CotY award from The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) for a recent master bath remodel we completed! What's even more exciting is that this is the second year in a row that we have won in the Residential Bath $50,001-$75,000 category. The Thompson Remodeling team is honored to be recognized again by NARI in this category. Our design team worked closely with the homeowners to create a master bath remodel that would provide maximum functionality, the best use of space, and a combination of modern and classic aesthetics. We share this award with our clients who had such a great vision for their perfect master bath!

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Love Where You Live | 01.22.16

Add Value to Your Home with These Remodeling Projects

It’s that time of year again. Remodeling Magazine has just published its 2016 Cost Vs. Value Report, an annual report that compares how popular remodeling projects are retaining their value at re-sale throughout the country. We know that remodeling your home requires the commitment of time and thoughtful budgeting and the return on your investment is important. Making improvements today allows you to stay in your current home while the value of your whole house improves overtime. Not to mention, the pride you’ll have in your updated spaces!

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Love Where You Live | 01.8.16

Introducing PostBox Designs - Interior Design Delivered Straight to Your Mailbox

Thompson Remodeling is excited to announce that Kristin Thompson has just launched PostBox Designs, a new and unique decorating service. Kristin is a member of the Thompson Remodeling design team and has enjoyed working with clients over the past decade to create custom remodeling designs. As the years went by, she began to notice a common conundrum that many clients faced when their project was completed.

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Trends | 12.13.15

Top 5 Remodeling Selections of 2015 by Thompson Remodeling

As we close another year of working with great clients and completing lots of remodeling projects, we thought it might be fun to create our own list of the top 5 remodeling selections we saw this year. All the magazines do their own "Best of" or "Top Trend" lists, so we thought why shouldn't the Thompson Remodeling team get in on the fun too. So, without further ado, here's our list of the Top 5 Remodeling Selections for 2015!

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Client Talk | 11.7.15

The Most Common Remodeling Fears and How to Face Them

It’s completely normal to have questions and even some remodeling fears before beginning a major renovation on your home. First time remodelers don’t know what to expect and second timers often have fears based on previous experiences. The Thompson Remodeling team understands this and our goal is to ease your concerns and guide you through our process from our very first meeting with you. There are four common remodeling fears that we hear most often and we’d like to provide some tips on how to face them head on. We hope that our advice will help you to investigate your concerns further so that you can put your fears to rest.

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Love Where You Live | 10.31.15

Does your home’s curb appeal measure up?

Thompson Remodeling's Tips for Increasing Curb Appeal Ah yes, we all know what they say about first impressions and when it comes to your home, that first impression can be summed up in two words -- curb appeal. Improving your home’s exterior appearance has two great benefits: improving your pride of ownership and increasing your home’s value. Seasonally, it’s a good idea to take a look at the outside of your home to see how your curb appeal measures up.

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Trends | 09.27.15

The Essential Mudroom - Maximized Storage & Style

I can remember when a mudroom was just a simple room off of the garage with a few shelves and maybe a sink. Thankfully, designers and remodelers have realized that the mudroom can be so much more! Even tight spaces can be maximized to provide the much-needed functional storage space every family needs to keep a variety of “stuff” organized. Depending on your lifestyle, that “stuff” can include the obvious coats, scarves, gloves and shoes, but can also extend to sporting equipment, pet necessities, school books, computer bags, and cleaning supplies.

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Trends | 09.19.15

The evolution of the dining room

Remember the segregated formal dining room? I sure do and though many homes still have them, the Thompson Remodeling design team has found that many families are opting to create an informal dining area when they renovate. Typically, these spaces are created to encourage multi-use for other activities such as homework or entertaining. Here are few examples of great informal dining spaces we’ve created recently.

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Love Where You Live | 09.4.15

Project Spotlight: Buy A New Home or Remodel?

We often think about our dream house and what it might look like. Is it a brand new home, an old home with character, or perhaps your existing home with some major remodeling? Do I buy a new home or remodel? That’s exactly the question our clients were considering when they returned back home from living overseas. They initially thought a custom home might be the way to go, but the idea of waiting through all the planning and construction seemed like a waste of valuable time they could be spending together as a family. So instead, the family decided to buy an existing home and remodel it to perfectly suit their own needs.

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Love Where You Live | 08.30.15

12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen That Won’t Break the Bank

Does your kitchen look dated? Could it use some updates to make it more functional? Just like any other room in our house, as time passes it may need a bit of sprucing up. With as much time as we spend in the kitchen, you want it to be visually pleasing and user-friendly. To help, we’ve put together a list of updates that you can implement with a relatively small investment.

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Trends | 08.23.15

Five Hot Lighting Trends in Remodeling

Let's talk about lighting trends! The lighting plan is an essential part of the remodeling design for any space. As designers, one of our top goals is to ensure that a room has adequate lighting to perform daily tasks comfortably. Once we understand the functions the lighting must perform, then we can move on to the style.

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Love Where You Live | 08.14.15

Whole House Remodel Spotlight: Party of Eight

The joining of two families is a joyous occasion! And when you have an existing home in a lovely neighborhood with space to spare, a thoughtful whole house remodel can make the space work for all eight (and one dog). Thompson Remodeling was happy to help improve the family spaces of this 4-bedroom, 3-level home and create new bedrooms and bath spaces to accommodate everyone. This whole house remodel included renovations to every level of the home, most notably on the main floor and the basement. Take a virtual tour below complete with existing and after floor plans and before and after photos of this familytastic remodel.

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Love Where You Live | 08.1.15

Remodeled Kitchen Spotlight: A Baker's Dream

Our clients purchased an old house in East Grand Rapids that needed several updates to make it family friendly. The existing floor plan had an expansive formal dining room that the owners had no plans to use. It also had a small and dark kitchen with a drafty breakfast nook area. Another problem with the layout was the closed staircase, which blocked both sight and sound of the children coming and going.

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Love Where You Live | 07.29.15

Remodeled Bath Spotlight: A Sophisticated Transformation

Many older Grand Rapids homes were designed with small utilitarian bathrooms. Today, homeowners want more than just a place to brush their teeth and take a quick shower; they want a relaxing, well-lit space with modern luxuries. Many times, our clients want to recreate a bathroom space from a luxury hotel or vacation home they visited. And why shouldn’t we want to have that kind of space to enjoy everyday at home? After all, it’s the first place you’ll visit in the morning and the last place before bed. So make it luxurious, rustic, modern, or whatever suits your taste.

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Love Where You Live | 07.18.15

Master Suite Remodel - From Weird to Wow

When dreaming about the perfect master suite remodel, there are two important ingredients that are always in the mix– the closet space and the master bath. Too often, existing homes will have small closets and baths in the master suite leaving homeowners frustrated and ultimately unsatisfied. At Thompson Remodeling, we have seen our share of strange configurations, but that’s part of the fun. We enjoy the challenge of reconfiguring space to make it work better for our clients.

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Love Where You Live | 07.12.15

Inventive Design – Kitchen Remodel with Hidden Basement Entrance Through the Pantry!

The owners of this Grand Rapids home came to us in search of a way to improve the functionality of their small kitchen. The existing layout was not only tight, but also included four doorways into other rooms. It was functioning more like a hallway with a few appliances added in for good measure.

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Trends | 07.3.15

Are Bronze Finishes Gaining on Silver?

Bronze finishes are making a comeback! For a long time now, nickel and chrome finishes have been all the rage, but we are starting to see bronze fixtures, lighting, and other details gain popularity. Bronze gives a rich feeling to a space and works very well in traditional, rustic and Mediterranean style spaces. When you are looking to add warmth, consider bronze finishes. Blending finishes is also becoming a trend; everything doesn’t have to match. The shine of stainless or chrome can be complemented nicely by a matte bronze finish.

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Love Where You Live | 06.27.15

Remodel with Color - Five Ways to Add Color to Your Remodeling Project

Don't be afraid to add some color to your remodeling project! White, gray and beige are certainly the most popular choices for material selections and they create a great canvas to decorate against that's for sure. But when you introduce color, you add visual interest and personality into a space. The idea of incorporating color, especially one you can live with for many years, may sound a bit intimidating. What if you choose the wrong color? Here's the thing, I suggest using colors you naturally gravitate to especially for more expensive materials. Then experience with bolder colors for less expensive, easy to change items.

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Love Where You Live | 06.19.15

Five Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Make sure your design doesn’t include any of these common bathroom design mistakes. Over the years we worked on many bathroom designs for all types of baths – master, guest and powder rooms. Although it might seem simple, there’s a lot to think about when creating a well-functioning bath. You have to consider the placement of all the necessary plumbing and fixtures, the lighting, storage, flooring, and window and door configuration. And then of course there are details like tile layouts for backsplashes and showers.

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Love Where You Live | 06.13.15

Five Reasons Why Design Build Remodeling Should Be Left to a Professional.

If you are considering a major remodel to your home there are so many important reasons why you should hire a design build professional. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or whole house renovation, this blog will help you examine the risks of doing-it-yourself or going with the lowest price firm.

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Love Where You Live | 05.25.15

Get Inspired by Today’s Tile Trends

Without a doubt, tile is one of the best ways to put your individual stamp on your remodeling project. With endless possibilities to choose from, you can find the exact color, texture, design, shape and finish to suit your personality.

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Trends | 05.16.15

A Selection Our Clients Love – Subway Tiles

We love writing blogs about some of the popular selections our clients have been making for their remodeling projects. Usually we call title those blogs “Trends our clients love”, but in this case we can hardly call this selection a trend since it’s been around for over 100 years. Here’s a super quick history lesson - when the first underground train station opened in New York City in 1904 the walls and ceilings were graced with white 3"x6” tiles. These white tiles became known as subway tile and quickly made their way into bathrooms and kitchens all over the country.

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Love Where You Live | 05.9.15

Tips to Make Your Home Remodel Energy Efficient

When planning any type of remodel it’s important to consider not only the visual aspects of the project, but also how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home to reduce waste and lower your bills. Plus, energy efficient products are good for the environment, improve indoor air quality, and increase the resale value of your home. Don’t just make it beautiful; make it efficient!

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Love Where You Live | 05.1.15

Thompson Remodeling Wins Regional Chrysalis Awards for Kitchen Remodel and Basement Remodel.

The Chrysalis Awards named Thompson Remodeling of Grand Rapids, Regional winners in the Kitchen Remodel $75,000-$100,000 and Basement Remodel categories of their annual awards competition. Continuing to set new standards of professionalism, 92 remodeling companies from across the United States were named winners at the 2015 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence. The entries were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.

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Love Where You Live | 04.25.15

Thompson Remodeling Wins 2015 National CotY Award!

The Thompson Remodeling team is proud to announce our big win at the National CotY Awards! Our remodeling project was selected as the national winner in the Basement Under $50,000 category. NARI hosted an Evening of Excellence at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on April 17th where they announced the national winners live while simultaneously broadcasting the awards via webcast. Our team watched online and anxiously awaited to hear if we would be taking home one of the big trophies.

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Love Where You Live | 04.17.15

The Big Results Show is Tonight! Thompson Remodeling is Up for Two National CotYs.

Tonight is the night we have been anxiously awaiting! At 5:30 this evening, the winners of the National Level Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards will be announced and Thompson Remodeling is up for two! Our team will be watching the webcast to see the results and you can too by visiting this link. If you miss the show tonight, it will available for viewing online for the next 30 days. This year we won Regional CotY's in the Residential Bath $50,001-$75,000 and Basement Under $50,000 categories. Regional winners in each category go on to compete for the coveted National title.

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Trends | 04.13.15

A Trend Our Clients Love: White Cabinetry

White cabinetry is white hot right now! Back in February we blogged about the top trends in kitchen and bath designs announced in the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) member survey and white cabinets were tops in both categories. The Thompson Remodeling design team would definitely agree that this is a trend we are going to continue to see for some time.

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Outdoor Living | 04.4.15

Deck materials. So many choices…which one is right for you?

Thompson Remodeling is here to run through deck materials with you. Don’t let the choice overwhelm you! We’ll give you the pros and cons of each type so that you can make a more informed decision. This blog will give you the rundown on five types of deck materials: natural wood, pressure treated wood, composite, plastic, and aluminum.

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Outdoor Living | 03.28.15

Creating an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

With warmer weather on the horizon, we can’t help but get excited about spending time outdoors. One of the best places to do that is in your own back yard! Expanding your livable space outdoors is an investment that rewards you with beautiful areas to relax with your family and entertain guests. There are all sorts of possibilities: decks, patios, screened porches, gazebos, and sunrooms. If you have been considering an outdoor living space remodel, we’ve got some great ideas to share with you.

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Trends | 03.6.15

A Trend Our Clients Love: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops were named top trends for both kitchen and bath designs this year in the annual National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) member survey. The Thompson Remodeling design team was not at all surprised since quartz has been a popular selection for our clients over the past year.

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Love Where You Live | 02.20.15

Thompson Trend Report: What’s hot in bathroom remodeling

White bathrooms with clean and contemporary designs are tops for 2015 according to this year’s National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) survey of member designers. Each year, NKBA asks their members what they have been designing for clients and what they forecast for the coming year. Here’s a look at some of the other bathroom remodeling trends we can expect to see. Cabinets White cabinets continue to be a top choice, followed by gray. Interestingly enough, the same colors are reported for kitchens. Both lend themselves to creating very clean and relaxing spaces, which is exactly what you want in the bath.

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Love Where You Live | 02.14.15

2015 Kitchen Trends Report

Every year the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) surveys its member designers throughout the country to find out what the popular trends will be in kitchen and bath design. This year’s findings point to a movement towards clean and contemporary designs. Read on to learn more about what kitchen trends to look for this year.

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Love Where You Live | 02.10.15

Thompson Remodeling Wins Two Regional Contractor of the Year Awards

Thompson Remodeling Named NARI 2015 Regional CotY TM Winner The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Names 160 Regional CotY TM (Contractor of the Year) Winners We have exciting news! The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) named Thompson Remodeling, in Grand Rapids, MI, 2015 East Central Regional CotY winners in the Residential Bath $50,001-$75,000 and Basement Under $50,000 categories of its annual awards competition.

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Love Where You Live | 01.30.15

Thompson Remodeling Wins 2015 Best of Houzz Service Award

We have some exciting news! Thompson Remodeling has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.

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Love Where You Live | 01.2.15

A Basement Remodel Story: The Evolution of a Family Hang Out Space

This family’s basement had become a catch-all space and was sorely underutilized. Although it was spacious, the current layout wasn’t working. The homeowners wanted to transform this space from closed and dreary to open and inviting.

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Trends | 12.19.14

2015’s Color of the Year is Rich, Earthy, & Robust - Say Hello to Marsala!

Every year, a color of the year is crowned by Pantone, the global color authority. This year, Marsala has been selected and it’s the color to look for in fashion, home décor, cosmetics, and even appliances and luggage! Marsala is a robust, red-infused brown that evokes a warm and inviting feeling. In contrast to colors selected in years past, it can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe or décor as a focal color or a complimentary shade.

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Love Where You Live | 12.12.14

A Bathroom Remodel Story: The Perfect Marriage of Style and Function

For 39 years, the owners of this four bedroom home lived with a cramped bathroom that hardly deserved to be called a master bath. Its limited space allowed only one user at a time, lacked counterspace, and was severely outdated.

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Love Where You Live | 12.5.14

Not Your Average Kitchen Cabinets

How often do you have to rummage around in your kitchen cabinets trying to find that pot or gadget you are trying to find? Most of us find ourselves doing it almost daily. Fortunately, cabinets have come a long way! Now, there are all sorts of cool inserts and built-ins that you can incorporate into your cabinet layout.

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Love Where You Live | 11.6.14

Thompson's Interior Painting Guide

Recently we blogged about why paint is a great and inexpensive way to make a big impact on a room. Now that you’ve picked out your colors let’s talk about how to make it all happen. With our step by step interior painting guide, you'll have beautiful walls in no time.

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Love Where You Live | 10.10.14

Let's talk about green flooring options

Eco-friendly green flooring is a great way to green up your home, but how do you decide which application to go with? Manufacturers have provided more gorgeous options in the last few years to accommodate the high demand for eco-friendly options. Before you invest in new floors that will literally get a lot of foot traffic, let’s discuss the pros and cons of these most popular types of green flooring.

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Love Where You Live | 10.3.14

Thompson's Tips for Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint is much more than just a change of color. The paint covering the exterior of your home is a protective layer, and over time the natural elements wear it away. Most homes will need a fresh coat every 5-10 years, or when you start to notice cracking or peeling paint. Painting the exterior of your home is a big job and one that is important to do accurately.

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Love Where You Live | 09.27.14

A simple guide to flooring options

Flooring is a selection that you will need to make for nearly all types of remodeling projects. There are lots of options available and each has distinct pros and cons. We’re dedicating this blog to reviewing the most popular flooring options and providing you with the pros and cons of each. When making your flooring decision, you will want to consider your budget, the style you’d like to evoke, and the function of the room. Also, think about the users and amount of traffic you expect the room to get. Children and pets can weigh heavily on your selection, as well as high traffic areas versus low.

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Love Where You Live | 09.19.14

Splurge Worthy Items for A Kitchen Remodel

Don't forget these 5 items when planning your kitchen remodel. We know there are a lot of things to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. And we bet that you already have a mental list of what you'd like to have in your new kitchen and that's great! To help you with your planning, we've put together a list of five items that you may not have considered, all with the purpose of adding to your kitchen's overall functionality and ease of use.

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Trends | 09.7.14

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel by Answering These 5 Questions.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of planning a bathroom remodel. All you need is a sink, toilet and bathtub right? While it’s true that you need a sink and toilet for the bathroom to offer the necessary functions, there are other things to consider making the best use of the small space.

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Love Where You Live | 08.30.14

Cool Apps for the Home

Not long ago smart home technology was out of reach for the average consumer. Fortunately for tech lovers, home automation trends continue to evolve and deliver more affordable options bringing homeowners convenient, money saving apps we can run by the touch of a button. We’ve scoured the internet to look for some of the latest apps for the home and here’s what we found.

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Trends | 08.22.14

Remodeling for Multi-Generational Living

The definition of the typical household has been changing in recent years. For a variety of reasons, multiple generations of families are deciding to live together under one roof. This type of living arrangement allows for easy child care, live-in care of older or disabled relatives, and it can be economical for everyone involved. But one thing's for sure, most homes are not built to support this kind of living. There are several remodeling projects that have become very popular recently as a result of a current or future need to accommodate a multi-generational living situation. We believe it always makes sense to consider your present and future needs.

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Love Where You Live | 08.15.14

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing - Craft and Hobby Room Ideas

Making the time to relax and enjoy your hobbies or creative interests is important for many individuals. Whether it be sewing, painting, model building, jewelry making, photography or reading; most hobbies require a work area and storage space for supplies and tools. There are many areas of the home that are ideal for creating craft and hobby rooms. In some cases it may be as simple as purchasing some furnishings and installing some cabinets or shelving, in other cases you may choose to remodel to create just the right space. We've compiled a list of six areas of the home that work well for craft and hobby rooms. 1. Attic. Now, here's a room that can offer you some privacy from the rest of the family if your hobby requires it. If your attic isn't finished, consider remodeling to accommodate your creative needs. 2. Garage. If your craft or hobby is a bit on the messy side or requires the use of heavy tools or machinery, your garage can be the perfect spot. Consider built-ins along the walls that incorporate a flat surface for working with storage shelving or cabinets above or below. 3. Basement. If you have a finished basement or are doing a remodel, consider creating a room or alcove. If you require a lot of space, sometimes this can be found in your basement, especially if it is unfinished. 4. Bonus room. Ah yes, the room over the here's a perfect space to claim for creative activities. Typically there are larger than the bedrooms, may have weird ceiling angles, and only one window. While this isn't ideal for creating a guest room, it's perfect for a craft and hobby room. 5. Kitchen. If you only need a small space, you may be able to find it in your kitchen. Use an adjacent wall from the main kitchen and create a desk space with cabinets to store supplies and match them to those in your main kitchen area. 6. Laundry Room. If your laundry room is large enough, consider sharing this space. This space can work well for sewing, quilting, knitting, or jewelry making.

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Love Where You Live | 08.9.14

Does Your Home Need An Addition?

How to know if an addition is the best solution. Sometimes when you need more living space, an addition is the best solution. A few week’s ago we blogged about how to gain space in your home without adding an addition, but there are times when an addition makes the most sense. We will discuss those situations in this blog.

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Love Where You Live | 08.1.14

15 Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen Storage

Tame the mess with these kitchen storage ideas. Pots, pans, dishes, glasses, flatware, utensils, napkins, cookbooks, sponges, appliances, food...the list is never-ending. All of these things and more need to have a home in your kitchen...somewhere! We've remodeled lots of kitchens over the years and know a thing or two about creative kitchen storage ideas. That's why we've put together this list of 15 ideas to provide you with some great ideas to improve the organization in your kitchen.

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Love Where You Live | 07.26.14

How can I gain space in my home without building an addition?

Remodeling your existing space can improve your home’s function and flow. Many homeowners think that the best and easiest way to expand their living space is to build an addition. How can I gain space in my home without building an addition? And while sometimes an addition might be the best solution, there are actually several ways to gain space in your home by remodeling its existing spaces. Thompson Remodeling can help you take a good look at all the rooms in your home and how each is being utilized to determine if a remodel in your existing space makes sense for your family.

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Outdoor Living | 07.16.14

Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a HOT trend! Homeowners are embracing the trend of adding an outdoor kitchen to their backyard living space. The Weber grill is being pushed aside for fully outfitted outdoor kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances, countertops, bar seating, and cabinets. Extending your living spaces outdoors increases your options for entertaining and adds to your personal enjoyment of your home during the warmer months. With an outdoor kitchen, the chef can be a part of the action while your guests and family enjoy the outdoors.

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Trends | 07.11.14

7 Ways to Improve the Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light in your home enhances mood, adds ambiance and promotes a healthy environment. Who doesn't want a home that's warm, inviting and healthy? One of the easiest ways to improve your home in these areas is by enhancing and improving the flow of natural light. Better use of natural light also reduces energy consumption and can lower your utility bills.

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Love Where You Live | 06.28.14

Five tips for designing the functional kitchen island

The kitchen is the heart of the home. The island is the hub of the kitchen. Kitchen islands are a key element of your overall kitchen design. And that makes sense since its placement establishes the traffic pattern and is often a main focal point.

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Love Where You Live | 06.20.14

How to set a realistic budget for your remodeling project

These 5 tips will help you set a realistic budget for your remodeling project. So you've decided you want to remodel your home. That's fantastic! Now, one of the first things you should do is develop a realistic budget. A remodeling project is a significant financial investment, one that will pay off in happiness and comfort as well as adding value to your home. To help you, we've put together a list of five tips to help you establish a realistic budget for your remodeling project.

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Love Where You Live | 06.13.14

Tips for Remodeling Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms used to be hidden in the basement, void of any decor, and let's face it, a space you didn't want your visitors to see. Today, homeowners are choosing to move their laundry rooms to more accessible parts of the home and create attractive spaces that you can actually look forward using. Although it may seem like a really simple remodel, there are several important things to consider when designing your laundry room. We've compiled a list of tips to help you plan your laundry room remodel. 1. Make it user-friendly. Add countertops to accommodate sorting and folding. If the room has a door, ensure that the door swing does not interfere with the use of your appliances. Add a utility sink for hand washing. Flooring should be water resistant and if possible, install a floor drain. Don't forget to place a pan under the washer. 2. Incorporate storage. Add cabinets above or beside your washer and dryer to store detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, and irons. Incorporate a built-in or pull-out ironing station to free up valuable floor space. Designate an area to hang items that need to air dry. If your laundry room is large enough, add a linen closet. 3. Don't skimp on lighting. Recessed lights or large pendant lights are ideal for ambient lighting or you can add a fun overhead light fixture if you prefer. Consider adding under cabinet task lighting to help you when tending to stains and sorting laundry. 4. Consider the noise. Be sure to add appropriate insulation to reduce noise. If your laundry room is on the second floor, floor joists will need reinforcement to handle the weight of the appliances. 5. Safety precautions. Make sure that your dryer duct is properly installed with a minimum run and as few turns as possible. You should check duct work annually for buildup. Lint filters should be cleaned after each dryer load. 6. Don't forget to add some style. Laundry rooms are a great place to use color. Choose appliances in bold colors or paint walls in vibrant tones. When adding countertops and cabinets think about how they blend with the rest of your home. You can even add a decorative backsplash and a chandelier if you like! Get creative and make it fun space!

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Love Where You Live | 06.6.14

Let there be layered light!

Layered light is the best way to enhance ambiance and the overall design aesthetic of the spaces in your home. Lighting planning and selection is one of the most important design aspects of a remodeling project. There are three basic types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Layered lighting is the design principle of combining all three types to create a balance between visual aid for performing tasks and enhancing the design aesthetic and ambiance. A professional designer will know how to design your remodeled space with an effective layered lighting plan.

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Trends | 05.22.14

Mudrooms that tame the mess.

Keep your comings and goings more organized with a mudroom. Every home can use a mudroom - a place to drop your bags, coats, umbrella, book bags, leashes, golf bags, or baseball mitt. Households of all types and sizes can use this room as a staging area to help manage clutter and keep mud and dirt out of the rest of the home.

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Love Where You Live | 05.16.14

Thompson Remodeling's Top 3 Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

Important things to consider when remodeling a family-friendly kitchen. Let's face it, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. Whether it's cooking meals, grabbing a snack or baking cookies, your kitchen is bound to see people of all ages passing through. Creating the family friendly kitchen to accommodate adults and children of all ages can be done. All it takes is looking at your family's habits and planning your design accordingly.

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Love Where You Live | 05.2.14

Need more functional space? A garage remodel could be your answer.

Creating the functional garage – ideas for your garage remodel. There’s a great space in your home that is just begging to be more useful or organized – it’s your garage! Since many people only use it for entering or exiting the home, it’s easy to overlook as a great opportunity for functional space. In this blog, we will get you thinking about how a garage remodel could make you love your home even more.

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Love Where You Live | 04.18.14

Thompson Remodeling’s Tips for Planning A Home Office Remodel

Are you in need of a home office remodel? Today, every home has a need for some type of home office space. The type and size of the space varies depending on how and who needs to use it. Fortunately, there are many ways to accommodate home office space in your home and we’ve compiled a list of questions to help you discover some of those options.

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Love Where You Live | 04.4.14

Six questions to consider before remodeling your master bedroom.

Is Your Master Bedroom Ready for a Makeover? Your master bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It’s the place where you start and end each day. So, why not make it as relaxing and functional as possible? Thompson Remodeling has compiled a list of six questions we use to help clients think through the type of space they want to create in their master bedrooms.

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Love Where You Live | 03.21.14

The Two Best Low Maintenance Siding Options

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Trends | 03.13.14

15 Simple Universal Design Elements Worth Considering

Universal design elements have become a very popular trend in remodeling. The reason can be attributed to the growth in multi-generational living and baby boomers that have decided to age-in-place rather than move. Even younger homeowners will find some of these attributes desirable for their homes. After all, universal design can be defined as products and spaces designed to make your home more accessible, safe and easy to use. That is attractive to homeowners of all ages!

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Trends | 03.6.14

Top Bathroom Remodeling Trend for 2014: Stand-Alone Tubs

One of the top bathroom remodeling trends for 2014 is the stand-alone tub. Can you remember when everyone wanted to have a big jacuzzi tub? We sure do! Clients in Grand Rapids, MI and all over the country have decided to replace jetted tubs or forego them completely, with a stylish stand-alone tub in their bathroom remodeling project.

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Trends | 02.25.14

Cool Lower Level Basement Remodeling Ideas

The lower level in your home can be used to create all types of unique living spaces. One of the things to keep in mind when thinking about a lower level basement remodel are the distinct qualities that this space can offer that other areas of your home may not: quiet, privacy and less light. You can use these qualities to your advantage to get creative with the space. Consider one of these five unique lower level basement remodeling projects for your home. Bar/Lounge – Your lower level bar can be designed to suit your every need. How about a full-size seated bar with large flat screens TVs plus space for a pool table, air hockey or foosball? Indoor sports room – Consider incorporating a space to play your favorite sport indoors: putting greens, soccer rooms, mini basketball courts, or a climbing wall for the kids. Recording studio – Build a soundproof space to practice with your band or record your own music. Fitness studio – Save money on a gym membership by designing your own fitness studio in your lower level. Install a sprung floor for aerobics or dance workouts, add a treadmill and weight machines. Create a space for yoga. You name it! Wine cellar – The darkness of a lower level and naturally cooler temperature makes it a perfect space to create a wine cellar. Wine lovers will love having the space to store their collection.

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Love Where You Live | 02.6.14

Thompson Remodeling Named NARI 2013 Regional Contractor of the Year

Grand Rapids, MI, February 6, 2014—The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) named Thompson Remodeling, in Grand Rapids, 2014 East Central Regional Contractor of the Year (CotY) in the Residential Kitchen $40,000 to $80,000 category of its annual awards competition.

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Love Where You Live | 01.31.14

Upgrade the safety of your finished basement with an Egress Window.

Did you know that egress windows are required in finished basements by Michigan residential code? The code states that an egress window is required in any habitable space or sleeping area in a basement or lower level that is below the fourth floor for both new and existing construction.

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Trends | 01.30.14

Top Flooring Trends in Home Remodeling

Flooring is one of the most important selections you will make for your home remodeling project. When you’re looking at the many options, you may want to consider some of the hottest flooring trends we are seeing in home remodeling today.

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Trends | 01.22.14

Three Outdoor Remodeling Trends to Look For This Spring

A great place to extend your living space is in your own backyard with an outdoor remodeling project. In recent years, homeowners have been using their backyard as a blank canvas to create great spaces to spend time with family and entertain guests. The latest trend in outdoor remodeling is designing outdoor versions of your favorite indoor spaces.

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Trends | 01.21.14

Family Room Additions are a Top Trend for 2014

Does your home offer enough space for informal family activities? Is your floor plan too closed in? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone. Today’s families prefer open living spaces that flow from one room to the next, allowing for meal preparation and socialization in one central area. That's why family room additions are such a hot trend today. A family room addition is the perfect solution to open up your home and provide an all-purpose space for all of your activities.

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Love Where You Live | 01.3.14

Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

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Love Where You Live | 12.19.13

Thompson’s Tips for a Stress-Free Remodel

Making the decision to remodel your home is exciting. It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed at first, so to help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure a stress-free remodel.

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Trends | 12.11.13

Architectural Details That Make Your Remodel Stand Out

Incorporating architectural details into your home remodeling project can bring warmth and character to a room and provide that finishing touch. Our designers can help you select the right architectural details to enhance any style -- traditional, contemporary, modern, or transitional. Some of the details listed below are strictly cosmetic, while others offer a functional purpose as well.

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Trends | 12.6.13

Top Ten Bathroom Design Trends

It used to be that bathrooms were simple, utilitarian spaces. Not so anymore! Today, bathroom design trends lean toward creating a relaxing and luxurious place to start and end your day. Homeowners are remodeling bathrooms to remind them of their favorite hotels and they want the same type of amenities at home. Current bathroom design trends entice the homeowner to spend more time in the space – whether its relaxing in a steam bath or getting ready while listening to your iPod or watching TV.

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Love Where You Live | 11.27.13

Pet Friendly Remodeling Trends

Many households have a devoted pet that is considered part of the family. If you own pets now or plan to in the future, it stands to reason that you might want to consider them when planning your remodel. Some pet lovers go as far as building indoor retreats or cat ramps that run throughout the house. Here are a few things that you can do that are much less expensive that can make maintenance easier for you. Well, let’s face it some of these things are ultimately luxuries for your pets.

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Love Where You Live | 11.23.13

Five Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Remodel

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with your remodeling project there are a few important things you can do in your home to get ready for construction to start. With good planning and preparation, you will find things will run quite smoothly. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to complete these steps so that you won’t be rushed the days before your remodel starts.

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Love Where You Live | 11.22.13

Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Completing a remodeling project will increase the beauty, enjoyment and pride that you have in your home. We know that remodeling your home requires the commitment of time and thoughtful budgeting and the return on your investment is important. Making improvements allows you to stay in your current home and you get to enjoy your return on investment on day one in your great new space, while the value of your whole house improves overtime. In this blog we’d like to highlight the remodeling projects that add the most value to your home, where you will see the biggest return.

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Trends | 11.13.13

Color Trends for Spring 2014

The new color trends for Spring 2014 were recently released by Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color. Twice a year they make predictions for the upcoming season, which are heavily based on what is popular on the fashion runways. Decorators pay attention to these trends because the colors that make an impact in the fashion world trickle down into home décor. In this blog we will introduce Pantone’s color trends for Spring and give you some simple ways you can introduce color into your own home without breaking the bank.

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Trends | 10.31.13

Top Five Trends in Lighting

What’s one of the first things you do when you enter a room? Turn on the lights! Obviously, lighting is a necessity in your home and there are limitless options available to do the job. But beyond the functional purpose of bringing light into a space, it is also a key part of developing the design aesthetic for a room. Lighting evokes personality and style into living spaces. Fortunately, there are selections available to fit any need, taste and budget.

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Love Where You Live | 10.18.13

Which Countertop is Right for You?

When planning your kitchen update or remodel, selecting your countertops is one of the biggest decisions you have to make. There are so many options available today and with all the choices, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s where this blog will come in handy. We will look at each material and provide you with the pros and cons of each taking into consideration the four main areas you should keep in mind: look and style, maintenance, durability, and budget.

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Love Where You Live | 10.4.13

What is Houzz?

If you are interested in or planning a remodel or decorating project Houzz is one of the best resources in the market today. Houzz is an online community that features photos, ideas and discussions about remodeling and decorating - and it's free! Finding inspiration, asking for advice, and reading professional reviews has never been easier – plus you can access Houzz online or from your phone or tablet.

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Love Where You Live | 07.19.13

Q & A: When Is It Time To Get New Appliances?

Q: How long should you hold onto an appliance before you replace it? A: Old Appliances are costly to run and much less efficient than newer models. Even if your old appliance is working properly, you could be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain in wasted energy each month. You should replace your appliances as they reach these ages: refrigerator 14 years, range/oven 17 years, washer about 11 years, dryer 13 years, dishwasher 13 years, and a water heater every six years. You will save money on utility bills, and you will get to enjoy the latest features on these new models.

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Love Where You Live | 07.12.13

Ladder Safety Inspection Checklist from National Ladder & Scaffold Co.

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Love Where You Live | 07.3.13

Grand Fondo Fun

This past weekend MSU hosted their first Grand Fondo in downtown Grand Rapids. The Italian meaning for Grand Fondo is "Big Race" and this event was just that with close to 1500 participating riders of all ages. In true MSU form this event was followed up with Gears for Beers which included a selection of Michigan micro-brewery's and winery's serving samples to pair with the tasty eats from the street food stations. Overall this event to support skin cancer research was a success.

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Love Where You Live | 06.25.13

Thompson Remodeling Supports Skin Cancer Research

GRAN FONDO - June 29, 2013 The Grand Rapids Gran Fondo is a community event designed to support skin cancer research in West Michigan by MSU . For those participating there are multiple distance options with designated rest areas along the route, tasty food and live entertainment.

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Love Where You Live | 06.21.13

Thompson Remodeling Shows Its Support for Grand River-Run!

On September 28th, 2013 Thompson Remodeling will be a contributing sponsor for the 2nd Annual Grand River-Run. The Grand River Run is not just another running event. The Grand River-Run takes you on a scenic tour along the Grand River through a 240 acre nature preserve. This event is equip for all ages with the 2K course offering a flat, paved path ideal for families, runners, and walkers. For the more experienced runner this course offers an 8K, a timed race with trail and paved paths along its route. This event is followed by The Roselle Park River Festival where you and your family can enjoy live music, tasty food, and much more. For more information or to register visit:

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Love Where You Live | 06.14.13

Five Great Gifts for Dad-Under $50

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Love Where You Live | 06.7.13

Getting The Most Out of Your Garage

One of the most ignored spaces in a home is the garage. We park our cars in it, store our stuff in it and use it as the catch all for the things we're not sure what to do with. However, when we are looking for more living space, do we think of the garage?

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Love Where You Live | 05.24.13

2013 Spring Parade of Homes Opens

May 24 - June 8

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Love Where You Live | 05.17.13

Thompson Remodeling Receives 2013 Guildmaster Award!

Over the past few months, GuildQuality has reviewed more than 300 applicants for the 2013 Guildmaster Awards. Based on their review of feedback on our company, we are pleased to inform you that Thompson Remodeling, Inc. has earned recognition as a 2013 Guildmaster with Distinction.

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Love Where You Live | 05.10.13

Add Value With A Three Season Porch

Looking to add value to your home? A 3 season porch is one way to add value and space to your home. A 3 season porch can be enclosed on an existing deck or porch or in the case of this remodel a completely new structure was built. When a family needs additional space a 3 season porch is a simple way to accomplish this. Adding details that will enhance the time you spend on your porch are a must. For example you can gain light and enhance the appearance of your porch by adding windows. Here we added a trapezoidal window above the slider windows allowing more natural light to enter the space. Typically a 3 season porch is not connected to a homes HVAC system, by adding a ceiling fan you will maintain the air flow within the space. These small details can make a huge impact on the quality of the time spent in your 3 season porch. These homeowners are now able to enjoy the open airy feeling of the outdoors in their 3 season porch during the warmer months and not spend the night battling mosquitoes and bugs. Then with the slide of a window be able to extend their enjoyment through the Spring and Fall. The glass sliding windows will also act as a sound barrier and protect their furniture from dust, pollen, wind, rain, and snow.

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Love Where You Live | 04.26.13

Upgrade Your Bathrooms Finishes

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Love Where You Live | 04.18.13

Enhance Your Homes Front Entry

We learn early on that first impressions are important and that we typically only have one chance to make a good one. This concept also applies to the front entrance of our homes. As home owners we want guests to feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Enhancing your front entry is one way to ensure your home is making a great first impression.

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Love Where You Live | 03.29.13

Annual Home Photo Shoot

Thompson Remodeling's Annual Home Photo Shoot took place this past month. Take a look at the before and after photos of three of our 2012 projects and their amazing transformations.

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Love Where You Live | 03.22.13

There's An App For That?

Advances in technology never cease to amaze me. Gone are the days of locking yourself out of your home or entering in complete darkness, thanks to the Lockitron and Insteon apps.

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Love Where You Live | 03.15.13

Creating A Family Friendly Kitchen

Some may assume having a family friendly kitchen means that they will be sacrificing style for durability, which is not always the case. For the homeowners of this newly remodeled kitchen Thompson Remodeling created a space that would hold up to the everyday wear and tear of their family of all ages, yet still allow them to entertain a more mature crowd. Here are a few ways we created this family-friendly kitchen.

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Love Where You Live | 03.8.13

Tear Down Those Walls

Removing walls is a great way to create an open feel within an existing space. For these homeowners, taking down the walls between their kitchen, dining room, and common areas allowed them to utilize the space as a whole versus four smaller spaces. They were also able to add a large island and built in mudroom lockers. Best of all they are now able to take advantage of their magnificent lake view now from every room.

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Love Where You Live | 03.4.13

Small Projects

Our clients rely on us to handle small projects that still involve multiple trades. A perfect example would be hanging a flat screen tv on the wall above a fireplace.

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Love Where You Live | 03.1.13

2013 Thompson Remodeling Chili Cook Off Results

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of you who came out for our 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off, as well as those of you brave enough to compete. It was a tough competition but I am pleased to announce Ms. Kerra Heffron once again has secured her title as Chili Cook Off Champion!

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Love Where You Live | 02.21.13

Creative Merchandising Systems Tour

Creative Merchandising Systems Inc. is a family owned and operated company and has been since 1991. CMS designs and builds quality display fixtures for supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty wine and retail shops and hospitality environments; As well as custom cabinet design and manufacturing. And last Friday Thompson Remodeling had the opportunity to tour their facility and see where their extensive product line is designed and built.

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Love Where You Live | 02.8.13

2013 Polar Plunge: Grand Rapids

Saturday February 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM the freezing waters of Reeds Lake will be filled with the courageous participants of this year’s Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) Polar Plunge. After raising funds for a good cause these participants will finish their fundraising efforts with a cold dip into Reeds Lake, dressed in the most outrageous costumes. Although none of us here at Thompson Remodeling are braving the cold water we are proud to be a sponsor of this years zany event. The proceeds raised from a series of plunges held throughout Michigan help support year-round sports training and athletic competition for more than 18,600 children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Love Where You Live | 02.1.13

2013 StarMark Cabinetry Promotions

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Love Where You Live | 01.25.13

BH&G Talks Dishwashers

Whether you like the flexibility of a portable dishwasher or the stability of a built-in, this quick list from Better Homes & Gardens will help you choose the appliance that fits your kitchen and your tastes.

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Love Where You Live | 01.18.13

Q & A : Preventing Mold and Mildew.

Q: How can I remove and prevent mold and mildew? A: There are a number of defenses against mold and mildew, the ventilation being number one. Leaving a window open can help but is not always feasible especially in the colder months of the year as well as hot and humid conditions. Installing an exhaust fan in these areas is overall the best option. Consider installing a fan that is directly wired to your light switch so that whenever the light is on the fan is running. This way no one will forget to use the fan when necessary.

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Love Where You Live | 01.11.13

Design a Kitchen for your Lifestyle - StarMark Cabinetry

StarMark Cabinetry knows that the hardest working room in any home is the kitchen. With that said they have created some sound advice on making the most of your kitchen with the proper cabinets.

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Love Where You Live | 01.4.13

2013 Color Of The Year - Emerald

Pantone the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries has announced the color of 2013. This years color emerald is described as "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

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Love Where You Live | 12.21.12

Holiday Home Safety

1. Protect family and guests from falls. Clear the driveway and sidewalks of snow and ice and use salt or sand to prevent slippery surfaces. Maintain clear pathways through high traffic areas of your home, it is easy for them to become cluttered with the arrival of guests and gifts. Relocate any electrical cords or wires that may become a tripping hazard also avoid placing them under rugs.

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Love Where You Live | 12.14.12

5 High-Tech Products for the Bathroom

Meet Moxie The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker gives a whole new meaning to singing in the shower. Moxie delivers up to 7 hours of music, news, and more. Combined with a spray face that features 0 angled nozzles with full enveloping spray. Moxie is also available with water- saving 2.0 pm or 2.5 gpm spray. Sharing your Moxie is easy weather you are syncing from up to 32 feet away or playing music wirelessly anywhere in or out of your home. Visit for more on the Moxie.

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Love Where You Live | 12.7.12

Countertop Cleaning Guide

With the abundance of different countertop surfaces available it is no surprise that each requires a different cleaning method. To ensure that your countertop is protected from damage, it must be maintained properly. These guidelines will help you properly care for and extend the life of your investment for years to come.

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Love Where You Live | 11.30.12

Tips to Making Your Home more Energy Efficient

RESNET has created an interactive house to provide energy saving tips for every square foot of your home. This is a fun and interactive way to learn more about making your home more energy efficient. To get started click on the image above or the link below.

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Love Where You Live | 11.15.12

Q & A: Preventing Window Condensation

Question: Our home has hot water baseboard heating and since adding insulation to the attic whenever there is a temperature change in our home condensation builds up on the windows. Any suggestions? Answer: Factors to consider: 1) Weather – Weather may be the largest contributing factor to your problem. The shift from warm to cold and when it's wet then cold can contribute to window condensation

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Love Where You Live | 11.7.12

Discounts and Freebies From StarMark Cabinetry

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Love Where You Live | 10.30.12

Basement Remodeling Trends

Trends are changing, basements are now an extension of a home's look and style. A basement remodel has the potential to add function to your home. Since we are spending so much time indoors during the winter months, remodeling your basement may become a necessity.

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Love Where You Live | 10.23.12

GuildQualities Drab to Fab Remodeling Contest

We NEED your vote to help us WIN GuildQualities Drab to Fab Remodeling Contest. VOTE HERE:

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Love Where You Live | 10.19.12

How To Love Where You Live

At Thompson Remodeling we are passionate about helping you Love Where You Live. Our design/build process helps to define the problems in a home and then we co-create a solution. Here's a step by step look at how we do this. Vision: Love Where You Live What we do: We co-create a plan to help you get what you want

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Love Where You Live | 10.11.12

Beat the Clock Sale at Grand Rapids Lighting Center

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Love Where You Live | 10.5.12

Q & A: Should you have your air ducts cleaned?

Q: Should you have your air ducts cleaned? A: Signs your air ducts need to be cleaned: 1.) You can see substantial mold growth inside your ducts or on other parts of our HVAC unit. Mold can only be determined by an expert and may need to be sent to a lab for confirmation.

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Love Where You Live | 09.28.12

Finding Your Perfect Kitchen Faucet

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Love Where You Live | 09.21.12

Choosing the Perfect Cabinetry For Your Kitchen

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Love Where You Live | 09.7.12

Smart Si Thermostat Upgrade

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Love Where You Live | 08.31.12

Deep Cleaning Your Refrigerator

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Love Where You Live | 08.23.12

StarMark's Cabinetry 101

For most homeowners, kitchen remodeling is the largest investment they will make aside from the home itself. With so many sellers vying for your business, how do you make sure you get what you want at a price that will let you cook in that new kitchen?

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Love Where You Live | 08.10.12

Questions You Should Ask Your Remodeling Company?

Remodeling an area of your home is an exciting undergoing, but can be overwhelming at first. There are many things to consider, and Thompson Remodeling is dedicated to assisting you in every step of the process. We collected and answered the following questions from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Each question was developed to help you establish a company's qualifications and reputation, and help you find the right person for your project.

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Love Where You Live | 07.26.12

Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home

Where Lead-Based Paint Is Found

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Love Where You Live | 07.13.12

The Biggest and Most Common Remodeling Mistakes

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Love Where You Live | 07.6.12

10 Ways to Cut Your Energy Use in Half

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Love Where You Live | 06.22.12

StarMark Cabinetry 20% Off Through 2012- Exclusively for Thompson Remodeling Clients!

Thompson Remodeling has received an exclusive promotion through StarMark Cabinetry. Anything currently NOT on sale is 20% off Anything that is on sale for less than 20% off gets bumped up to 20% off Click the link below to check out additional promotions StarMark Cabinetry PROMOS Visit StarMark Cabinetry's Website

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Love Where You Live | 06.15.12

Quoted In Remodeling Magazine May 2012 Issue

Inciting Interest: Using Social Media to Share Project Ideas. Ben Thompson, president of Thompson Remodeling, was recently quoted in Remodeling Magazines May 2012 issue.

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Love Where You Live | 06.8.12

Thompson Remodeling is a Proud GuildQuality Member

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Love Where You Live | 06.1.12

Better Homes and Gardens was in my bathroom

Thompson Remodeling's Ben and Kristin Thompson recently had their master bathroom featured in Real Life Kitchen & Bath Magazines Spring 2012 Issue. Click on the link to read how they transform their bathroom; which consisted of dated wallpaper, faux-marble shower, leaky faucets and fluorescent lighting; into a neutral territory of calm colors and natural materials.

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Love Where You Live | 05.29.12

Staircase Before and After


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Love Where You Live | 12.29.22

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about how to make your home a happier and healthier place to live. New year’s resolutions are typically goals for improving your quality of life and if there’s one place where you can really make a difference, it’s at home. By focusing your attention and completing small projects and home improvements, you will be amazed at how much joy and comfort it will bring you. And since it’s the start of a new year, you can plan to cross these resolutions off one by one, throughout the year.

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Love Where You Live | 04.1.22

10 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Don't make these common kitchen design mistakes when remodeling your home. Kitchens are the most used room in the house and the most popular to renovate. A kitchen remodel is a great investment, and it pays off by improving function and boosting your home's value. It's easy to get wrapped up dreaming about colors, selections, and other design esthetics, but it's extremely important not to put finishes before a function. When your design is well planned and thought out you can avoid making common kitchen design mistakes.

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Love Where You Live | 12.1.19

Fun Family Holiday Activities In Grand Rapids

The holidays are upon us! This is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the Christmas lights and checking out some of the holiday festivities around town with friends and family. If you are looking for something fun to do with the family, there’s a lot of great options in Grand Rapids. Here are some ideas to consider that will be fun for adults and kids of all ages.

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Love Where You Live | 11.12.17

Home for the Holidays

Folks, we are heading into the holiday season and you know what that means? Friends, family, and neighbors gathering in your home to celebrate, share meals, and socialize. If you are like me, you can’t wait for the fun to start! And for all the planners and party host and hostesses out there, the holiday season means your living room, dining spaces and kitchens are about to get some heavy use.

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Love Where You Live | 10.31.17

Don’t Forget the Staircase!

There’s something in our homes that often is overlooked when remodeling or decorating. We use them every day, but they have a tendency to blur into the background. Have you guessed it? It's your staircase! Certainly, the main purpose of your staircase is to take you from one level to another, but they can also serve as a beautiful architectural detail in your home. Whether it’s opening up a formerly closed staircase or changing the railings, treads, and risers, an update can really make a statement. Keep reading to see some beautiful staircases we've remodeled for our clients, including some before and after comparisons!

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Love Where You Live | 09.29.17

Splurge-Worthy Selections for Your Bathroom Remodel

Picture your dream bathroom. What does it look like? Does it have a luxurious spa shower or a modern soaking tub? Maybe you envision a floating vanity with a gorgeous granite countertop. Does that vision fit into your budget? When it comes time to make all the selections for a bathroom remodel, things can start to add up. Thompson Remodeling knows how important it is to keep your project on budget and we have a few tips on which items are worth splurging on for your bathroom remodel.

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Love Where You Live | 09.25.17

Tips for Selecting Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interiors (Part 2)

This blog is a continuation of our blog on Tips for Selecting Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interiors. In part one, we discussed the psychology and mood enhancing effects of the bright colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. In part two, we are going to discuss neutrals and how to best incorporate them into your painting color scheme.

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Love Where You Live | 09.25.17

Tips for Selecting Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interiors (Part 1)

Did you know that color has a big impact on your mood? Knowing what those effects are can be really helpful in selecting paint colors for your home’s interiors. Homeowners frequently take on the task of painting their home and whether it’s one room at a time or tackling the whole house, deciding on colors can sometimes make the start of the project drag on. We’ve been doing some research on the psychology of color and learning more about which colors work best in certain areas of the home and wanted to share that insight with you. In part one, we will talk about the brighter end of the color spectrum and in part two we will cover the neutrals.

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Love Where You Live | 08.19.17

Is your kitchen back-to-school ready?

With the first day of school just around the corner, we thought a blog about getting your kitchen back-to-school ready was timely. So much goes into preparing for the new school year from buying school supplies, new clothing or uniforms, and shoes to saying “goodbye” to another great summer. One thing that can make this transition so much easier for both you and the kids is to have your kitchen set up and ready to handle the daily comings and goings during the week. We’ve put together a list of simple tips that will have your kitchen back-to-school ready in no time.

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Love Where You Live | 08.9.17

Tips for Creating Accessible Curb Appeal

The term “curb appeal” refers to the impression the exterior of you home presents to visitors or potential buyers. Some of the key features that are important in creating this initial impression include siding, roofing, driveways and walkways, front entries or porches, and landscaping. Today, we would like to focus on how you can improve specific aspects of your home’s exterior to make it more accessible for folks of all ages and ability. Keep in mind that this includes parents with young children just as much as an individual who requires assistance walking.

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Love Where You Live | 06.20.17

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Our Easy Checklist

Summertime is a great time of year to take care of some exterior maintenance and updates to improve your home’s curb appeal. There’s plenty to do, but with our handy list you can choose one or two items per weekend and have your house looking great within a month.

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Love Where You Live | 06.9.17

Common Issues Found When Remodeling an Older Home

Older homes have a unique charm about them. Many homebuyers find themselves drawn to a particular home because of its history and details that make it stand out, such as a special molding, exposed brick, vintage hardware or fixtures, or an architectural feature. Over time, these beautiful historic homes will need some updating either to improve safety or functionality. There are some common issues that may arise when renovating an older home and knowing what might come up will lessen the surprise. A professional remodeler will be prepared for these and will be able to provide solutions to solve the problem so they can complete the updates you would like to make.

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