Five Tech Savvy Master Bath Trends

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.31.14

These cool, tech savvy master bath trends offer convenience and added luxury.

Updating your home with the latest technological gadgets and appliances has become a huge trend for homeowners. If you look around your family room, it’s likely you will see a variety of gadgets being used by various family members – smart phones, tablets, laptops, ereaders, etc. Why leave one of your most used rooms out of equation? Here are some of the latest tech savvy master bath trends to consider.

Digital Shower Controls

With a digital shower device you can customize your water stream, temperature, lighting, and music for a luxurious shower experience. Even track your water consumption. Systems vary and may require a media package, speakers, and lights to incorporate lighting and music experiences. Two popular systems are Kohler DTV System and Hansgrohe's RainBrain Controller.

Digitally Controlled Toilets

Talk about a fancy toilet! The Numi toilet offers automatic flushing, lid raising, a heated seat, built-in deodorizing system, music, and a lighted bowl. All of its options are controlled by small hand held panel that attaches to the wall magnetically.

Medicine Cabinets with Cold Storage

This innovative medicine cabinet by Robern has a refrigerated section to store high-end toiletries and beverages.

Vibracoustic Tubs

Use your Bluetooth-enabled devices to actually feel the music while bathing in the tub. Sound vibrates through the water when the tub is in use and colored LED bulbs provide chromotherapy. Check out Kohler’s Virbacoustic Baths.

Touchless Wash and Dry Faucet

Now that’s convenient! Wash and dry your hands at home with a touchless faucet with built-in air dryer. The infrared sensors of the Airblade Tap by Dyson detect your hand position to dispense water or air.

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