The Best Kid and Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Posted by on 03.7.16

If your household includes children or pets, your flooring can take a beating. You should select a material that can withstand the wear and tear of little feet and paws running around and the accidents that will inevitably occur. Fortunately, today there are many great choices you can make without sacrificing style and comfort.

The best flooring options for both kids and pets:


To enjoy the look of wood with the added environmentally friendly bonus, choose bamboo. Bamboo is sturdy and can stand up to the traffic, plus it’s stain resistant and doesn’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning.


The soft feel of cork is great for children and pets. It is antimicrobial and reduces mold and allergen growth, which is a great benefit! Cork will also absorb sound and is scratch resistant, but spills should be cleaned up quickly.

Ceramic Tile

The pros of ceramic tile are its sturdiness and easy clean up, making it a logical choice for households with children and pets. On the flip side, it can be slippery so area rugs would be necessary in high traffic areas. Also consider pet beds since a ceramic tile floor would be uncomfortable for your pet to lie on for extended periods.

The following flooring options is also great for pets:


Vinyl has come a long way and is now available in luxury finishes that mimic hardwood. It offers all sorts of great benefits including its scratch and odor resistance, ease of cleaning, and is low in allergens.

Notice that carpet and hardwood didn’t make the list? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it in your home. We recommend that you use kid and pet friendly flooring options in the areas that are most used by these family members. For the less frequented areas, select flooring that suits your aesthetic and budget preferences.



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