The Most Common Remodeling Fears and How to Face Them

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.7.15

It’s completely normal to have questions and even some remodeling fears before beginning a major renovation on your home. First time remodelers don’t know what to expect and second timers often have fears based on previous experiences. The Thompson Remodeling team understands this and our goal is to ease your concerns and guide you through our process from our very first meeting with you.

There are four common remodeling fears that we hear most often and we’d like to provide some tips on how to face them head on. We hope that our advice will help you to investigate your concerns further so that you can put your fears to rest.
My project will go over budget.

A professional design build firm will provide you with a detailed scope of work and estimate. Review it closely and ask questions to be sure that you completely understand what is included and that nothing has been missed. Once you enter the design phase of your project and make the final selections such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, hardware and the like, your budget will be finalized. Make sure to ask your design team to help you keep your budget in-line while making selections. They will ensure that you only consider materials that fit your budget while still meeting your needs and aesthetic preferences.

The craftsmanship won’t meet my requirements.

The best way to examine craftsmanship is to see the design build firm’s work in person. Ask your remodeler if you can stop by a recent project or two. When this isn’t possible, the next best option, and one we highly recommend, is to speak with several of their past clients. Ask the clients about their experience and if they have any issues with the quality of the work. Talk to your remodeler about their certifications, suppliers and subcontractors. You should also look on sites such as Houzz or Angie’s List for reviews. The more research you do, the more you can calm your remodeling fears on poor craftsmanship.

My home will be in disarray during construction.

This remodeling fear can be faced head on by careful planning. Knowing the construction schedule will help you stay ahead of what’s happening and enable you to prepare your family and home accordingly. Depending on the complexity of your remodel this could include moving pets into unaffected areas of your home, setting up an alternate kitchen area, or even taking a quick get-away. Ask your remodeler what steps they will take to keep your home clean and orderly while they are working.

It won’t be finished on time.

While it is possible that an unforeseen issue can be uncovered during a remodel, having a pre-construction meeting at your home with all the trades and subcontractors can minimize this. During this meeting, your remodeler and their partners will look for potential issues so they can adjust plans and schedules as needed. Asking for regularly scheduled meetings with your project manager will also help you to stay informed on the progress and upcoming milestones of your remodel. You can also calm this remodeling fear upfront by asking your remodeler at the beginning of the process what, if any potential issues they could see affecting your completion date and how they can be avoided.

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