The Case for a Single Sink Primary Bathroom

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.28.23

There’s a common assumption that primary bathrooms must have a double vanity. While it’s true that most homeowners do choose to include two sinks or a double vanity in their bathroom remodel, there are times when one sink is actually preferred and has a few great benefits as well.

Here are four of the top benefits of having a single sink master bathroom

  1. Privacy. Some folks prefer to use bathroom alone.  One of the things a double vanity allows you to do is use the bathroom at the same time with your partner, but when you have only one sink, there’s more of a reason to wait your turn.
  2. More counter space. When you only need to fit one sink into your vanity you will gain more counter space! This is a luxury some folks will not get with a double vanity, depending on its size.
  3. Makes room for other features. In smaller master bathrooms you can elect to forego a second sink in order to make room for another feature such as a large walk-in shower, soaking tub, or perhaps make room for both!
  4. More storage space. Sinks require space for plumbing inside the vanity and if you only have one, you will have more cabinet or drawer space.

Here’s a look at two single sink master bathrooms that Thompson Remodeling renovated.


We reused the existing cabinetry and painted it white and added new hardware, which was a big budget saver. The major stunner of the project is the gorgeous Cambria countertop accented with a new sink and faucet. A spacious new shower will accommodate taller users and has glass shower doors and a recessed light fixture.




This primary bath features a no-threshold shower and floating vanity. Windows are strategically placed throughout to allow views to the outdoor swimming pool.





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