Featured | 10.20.21

Project Spotlight: Mission Style Condo Bath Renovation

We enjoyed remodeling this condo bath in Grand Rapids for our clients who were looking to create a space in warm earthy tones with a mission style aesthetic. Let's take a look at what we did, starting with the before photo and floor plan.

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Care & Maintenance | 08.27.21

Thompson's Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

With Labor Day approaching, it's time to start thinking about the change of the seasons. Who else is ready to bid the summer goodbye and welcome in the cooler temperatures? The first few weekends of the fall season when the weather is still a bit warm is the perfect time to tackle your fall home maintenance list. Prepping your home for cooler weather not only helps you lower your utility bills, but can also prevent an unexpected disaster or costly repair.  We’ve put together a list of fall maintenance tasks that you can get started on this weekend.

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Featured | 08.23.21

Homeowners are Turning Their Attention to Rooms Outside of the Kitchen

Home will always be where the heart is, that’s for sure.  And everyone has certainly had the opportunity to spend more time at home for the past year and a half. Families have adapted to lifestyle changes and created makeshift spaces to work and learn from home and with each passing month it becomes more evident which spaces can go the distance in a multifunctional capacity and which cannot. As homeowners take a harder look at what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing within their home, we are seeing a trend toward remodeling spaces that are actually outside of the kitchen.  Let’s take a look at some of these spaces.

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Kitchens | 08.1.21

FAQ: What is the purpose of a bulkhead?

A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in or enclosed. It’s not uncommon to have bulkheads in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. Clients frequently ask us about bulkheads and want to understand their purpose and here’s our answer.

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Thompson Tips | 07.20.21

Thompson Remodeling’s Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s summertime! We've put together a list of exterior and interior tasks to complete to keep your house in top shape. Pick a rainy weekend to tackle the interior jobs and a sunny day with milder temperatures for exterior items.   

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Bathrooms | 06.30.21

Design Tips for a Windowless Bathroom

Most homes have at least one bathroom without windows. And if you live in a condo, you may not have any bathrooms with windows.  Powder rooms or guest baths positioned within interior walls have a tendency to feel dark and small and they can present a design challenge.  How do you maximize light flow without any source of natural light? What can you do to make a small space feel larger?  Over the years, we’ve designed and remodeled a lot of bathrooms and have some design tips we can share with you that will enhance the look and feel of those without windows.

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Featured | 06.26.21

How to Create Designated Spaces in an Open Floor Plan

Whether by purchasing a new build or through a remodel, many homeowners live in homes with an open floor plan. By design, they feature open living spaces without physical or visual dividers such as walls and doors, offering a more expansive feel to the overall area. Depending on your family’s lifestyle the open floor plan may work just fine as is, but some families may prefer to create some type of physical definition of space between the rooms.  If the latter describes you, here are a few ideas on how you can create some separation.

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Featured | 05.28.21

Summertime Home Safety Tips

What’s not to love about the summertime? Enjoying family gatherings, backyard barbecues, days relaxing by the pool, and taking off for vacation are just a few of the highlights. It’s important to keep in mind that the hotter temperatures and outdoor summer activities we love can present safety concerns.  We’ve gathered some tips to help ensure that these activities are a bit safer for you and your family.

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Featured | 05.14.21

Exterior Renovations & Minor Kitchen Remodels Pull the Biggest Return on Investment in Grand Rapids.

Every year Remodeling Magazine releases its Cost Vs. Value Report, which provides data on how 22 popular remodeling projects are retaining their value throughout the country. The studies are broken down by geographic area and look at the average cost to complete each project type by a professional remodeler. We study it annually to see which renovations have the top recoup value in the Grand Rapids area.  In years past, this report has come out in January, but this year it wasn’t released until last week!

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Featured | 04.30.21

Thompson Remodeling’s Mudroom Remodeling Resources

Need a little help taming the clutter in your home? Let’s face it, we can all use a little help in this area.  One of the best ways to stop clutter in its tracks is to create a place where you can drop and store some of your “stuff” as soon as it enters your house. We’re talking about shoes, bookbags, sporting equipment, coats, dog leashes, umbrellas, etc.  This is where a mudroom can save the day by providing your household with a functional space filled with customized storage to support your family’s lifestyle. Over the years we've created a lot of helpful resources for those who are thinking of remodeling or creating a new mudroom. We recommend reviewing the 4 listed below if you are considering one in your near future.

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Outdoor Living | 04.20.21

Thompson Remodeling’s Outdoor Space Remodeling Resources

Yes! It is finally time to get outside again and enjoy backyard barbecues, do a little gardening, read a good book in the hammock, or just kick back and watch the kids play in the yard. Without a doubt, expanding some of your living areas outside will add to your overall enjoyment of your home. With the steady uptick in homeowners remodeling their homes since the start of the pandemic, outdoor spaces have become top requests just behind home offices and kitchens. Over the years we've created a lot of helpful resources for those who are getting ready to update their outdoor spaces. We recommend reviewing the 5 listed below if you are considering one in your near future.

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Featured | 03.31.21

Shifts in Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchens have long been the go-to family gathering space in many homes. As remodelers, we’ve been incorporating custom layouts and features that support entertaining, tv viewing, multiple chefs, and beverage centers. And within the past year, we’ve been asking our homes to do even more for us, particularly in our kitchens. It’s not a stretch to say that the kitchen has become the home office and/or classroom for a lot of folks, which has resulted in the rise of new design trends.

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