Color Trends for Spring 2014

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.13.13

The new color trends for Spring 2014 were recently released by Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color. Twice a year they make predictions for the upcoming season, which are heavily based on what is popular on the fashion runways. Decorators pay attention to these trends because the colors that make an impact in the fashion world trickle down into home décor. In this blog we will introduce Pantone’s color trends for Spring and give you some simple ways you can introduce color into your own home without breaking the bank.

Pantone’s Spring color palette was inspired by flowers and travels abroad. It combines vivid brights, soft pastels and two neutrals. Brights can be paired with pastels or neutrals to create balance or two brights can be used together for real impact!

Here’s a look at the colors.

PANTONE_FCR_Spring_2014 1

The Pastels

Placid Blue – a calming sky blue.

Violet Tulip – a romantic, pale shade of lavender.

Hemlock – like the ornamental green foliage of spring.

The Neutrals

Sand – think of the sun-toasted sand of your favorite beach.

Paloma – a muted gray that works well with all of the colors.

The Brights

Cayenne – a hot, spicy orange-red.

Freesia – like the rich yellow of the sun in the tropics.

Celosia Orange – a fresh, eye-opening orange.

Radiant Orchid – like the bright purple flower from an orchid.

Dazzling Blue – an energizing cobalt blue.

Here are some ways you can incorporate these trends or any color you like into your home that are easy on the wallet.

  • Paint or wallpaper an accent wall
  • Add accessories such as lamps, vase, candles, bowls, throws, or pillows
  • Update window treatments
  • Find a piece of art that highlights a shade you like
  • Add an accent rug to anchor the room with color
  • A single piece of furniture such as a table, chest, chair, or small dresser

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