Top Five Trends in Lighting

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.31.13

What’s one of the first things you do when you enter a room? Turn on the lights! Obviously, lighting is a necessity in your home and there are limitless options available to do the job. But beyond the functional purpose of bringing light into a space, it is also a key part of developing the design aesthetic for a room. Lighting evokes personality and style into living spaces. Fortunately, there are selections available to fit any need, taste and budget.

Here’s are the top five trends we are seeing in lighting right now.


Industrial Chic

Think warehouse or New York City loft. Industrial lighting fixtures use raw and weathered materials like powder coated steel, wood or iron. Pipes are a popular design element and frequently light bulbs are exposed. Though typically simple in design, this look can work nicely in contemporary and traditional spaces.


Lighting options have expanded from metals, glass and crystal. Color fixtures and shades are now very popular. Choosing a color fixture is a great way to bring personality into a room or create an area of visual interest.


When we say sculptural, we are talking “light as art”. These unique shapes and abstract designs come in a variety of materials from glass to metal in all sizes. Sculptural lighting is popularly used in dining rooms and foyers.

LED Lighting

Functional and decorative LED lighting has seen great improvement in recent years. With better designs and greater finish options, you can be energy efficient without sacrificing style. Plus, LED lighting offers you crisper, brighter light. LED lighting is particularly popular in kitchens for under, over and even inside cabinets.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are great for task and ambient lighting, which makes them a great choice for kitchens. They are a very versatile lighting option in material as well as style. Choose a sleek chrome and glass pendant for your kitchen or a sparkly crystal one for your bathroom or bedroom.


So, in a nutshell choosing your lighting is about function and style. When we know how you plan to use your space, we can determine the right lighting options from a functional perspective. And when you work with Thompson Remodeling, we actually take you shopping to make your selections so whatever your style, we can help you make the right choices.

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