Cool Apps for the Home

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.30.14

Not long ago smart home technology was out of reach for the average consumer. Fortunately for tech lovers, home automation trends continue to evolve and deliver more affordable options bringing homeowners convenient, money saving apps we can run by the touch of a button.

We’ve scoured the internet to look for some of the latest apps for the home and here’s what we found.
Home Automation Systems

Home Automation is about intelligent, digital control. Paired with smartphone app technology, homeowners can enjoy added convenience and comfort from virtually anywhere.

Wink Hub and App is a whole-house network that enables access and automation to a variety of home functions such door locks, alarm systems and video surveillance, smoke detectors, and even lighting, all from your smartphone. You can control and customize your home with automated rules, shortcuts, and more. And if you unexpectedly end up away from home, you now have the ability to turn on your lights to make it look like someone is home and deter any possible intruders.

The Schlage touchscreen deadbolt works with the Nexia Home Intelligence system, as well as the Wink Hub, and allows you to control your locks from anywhere with an internet connection.

Energy Management

App technology also appeals to those interested in energy management, including lighting, thermostat regulation, irrigation control, entertainment and audio equipment, and the like. With the Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled Smart Thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in your house from your smartphone, plus be alerted of extreme changes in temperature and when a reminder to change your filter. Impressive technology by the SmartThings company can allow you to turn on your coffee pot with only your voice command.


Customize your lighting with technology from Phillips using the Hue bulbs and App. This clever lighting system allows you to dim, brighten, or even change the color of bulbs on command. You can effortlessly create automation for things like slow brightening in the morning or dim at nighttime. Another automated lighting option is the Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer, which can also be controlled directly from your smartphone.


The GE Brillion App allows homeowners to make adjustments from your smartphone. You can change appliance settings, monitor the status and cycles of your appliances, plus get maintenance alerts. This incredible advance in technology enables you to actually leave the house and not burn your food.

There is almost no end to what home automation technology can deliver to homeowners. Surely we all look forward to the day when laundry machines can fold our clothes! Until then, the ability to access your in-home devices while on the go will provide peace of mind.

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