Pet Friendly Remodeling Trends

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.27.13

Many households have a devoted pet that is considered part of the family. If you own pets now or plan to in the future, it stands to reason that you might want to consider them when planning your remodel. Some pet lovers go as far as building indoor retreats or cat ramps that run throughout the house. Here are a few things that you can do that are much less expensive that can make maintenance easier for you. Well, let’s face it some of these things are ultimately luxuries for your pets.

Pet Friendly Flooring

Hardwood. Yes, it’s more expensive than carpet, but it’s much easier to clean up messes and easier to maintain in general. Stick to light or medium finishes with low luster gloss or distressed wood to minimize scratches.

High-end linoleum. Linoleum has anti-microbial properties and offers super easy clean up of accidents.

Heated floors. What could be more comforting to an older pet than a nice toasty floor where he can curl up?

Stain Resistant Fabrics and Rugs.

Choose fabrics that are stain resistant to avoid stains and make cleaning easier.

Washing Stations.

If you are adding a mudroom or garage consider a washing station. For families with large dogs, this could be a huge bonus.

Doggie Doors.

Make it easier for your dog when you aren’t at home with a special door just for him.

Built-in benches.

If you are remodeling your kitchen consider a window bench. It can double as seating and storage for your pet’s toys and food.


Do you have a nice sized yard? why not fence it in so that your dog can have free reign and get lots of exercise.


Consider floor to ceiling windows that allow the pets to see outdoors for hours of entertainment.
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