Questions You Should Ask Your Remodeling Company?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.10.12

Remodeling an area of your home is an exciting undergoing, but can be overwhelming at first. There are many things to consider, and Thompson Remodeling is dedicated to assisting you in every step of the process. We collected and answered the following questions from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Each question was developed to help you establish a company's qualifications and reputation, and help you find the right person for your project.

Q: How long have you been in business? Look for a company with an established business history in your community.

A: Pat & Sandie Thompson founded the company in 1980. Ben Thompson has been the President since 2008.

Q: Who will be assigned as project supervisor for the job? Also ask whom you should contact if the supervisor is not available.

A: To minimize the risk of unexpected surprises, and unexpected costs, a site visit is scheduled for each project. In one morning, we gather every trade contractor that will be working on your project. They personally inspect your home and then submit a fixed price to us. Ben, our owner, will personally lead this meeting and allow you to meet and ask questions of everyone involved in your project.

Q: What is the time frame for starting the project? Now is the time to ask questions about work schedules. You should ask: What is your estimate for completion? Will I be contacted about delays or changes in the schedule?

A: Thompson Remodeling creates a personalized schedule that maps out the start and finish dates on your project. No more projects that will extend for weeks past when it was promised to be finished! We can also adjust our schedule if something comes up. Many a time we have adjusted the schedule to allow for a party or out-of-town visitors our clients may have.

Q: What is your approach to a project of this scope? This will give you an idea of how the contractor works and what to expect during the project. Listen carefully to the answer. This is one of the big indicators of the company's work ethic.

A: At Thompson Remodeling, we do two kinds of projects – Large Projects and Small Projects. With every project, we promise the four “C’s” (Communication, Costing, Cleanliness, and Completion), and our thorough 9-Step Process, all aiming toward our goal of helping you Love Where You Live!

Q: Is your company a full service or specialty firm? If you are planning a small project, you may be better off hiring a specialty plumbing firm or a bathroom remodeler. However, if your project involves multiple changes, entire rooms or additions, you should consult a full service or design-build firm.

A: Thompson Remodeling is a design-build residential remodeling firm we oversee both the design and construction of every project, thus simplifying both the remodeling and building process. Since Thompson Remodeling oversees your project from initial design through completion we are able to ensure your project stays on budget.

Q: May I have a list of references for projects you have completed which are similar to mine? The contractor should be able to supply you with a minimum of three references.

A: Thompson Remodeling has used GuildQuality since October 2007 to receive real-time customer feedback, monitor and improve quality, and articulate that quality for prospective customers. As a GuildQuality member, Thompson Remodeling relies on GuildQuality for customer surveying to help deliver an exceptional customer experience. View our GuildQuality page here:

Of the many questions you can ask during an interview, the most important question is one you must ask yourself: "Do I feel comfortable with and trust the person I am about to hire?" Your answer to that question should make the hiring decision a little easier.
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