Smart Si Thermostat Upgrade

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.7.12



Upon returning from a long holiday weekend, it was discovered that our AC unit here at the office had transformed itself into a snow ball machine. After a few days of bearing the temperature increase in our office, the kind folks at West Michigan Heating & AC Service came to our rescue replacing the board and installing a very cool Smart Si thermostat. The Smart Si is said to deliver quality, innovation and great features, all at a great price. Smart Si is Wi-Fi enabled which allows us to change our thermostat with a tablet, computer, iPhone or Smart Phone. The live weather function and algorithms assure that we are saving the most energy possible. Smart Si automatically sends an alert when the HVAC equipment is due for service or has malfunctioned and when it is time to change the filter. There is also an energy-saving program that allows us to reduce energy consumption and save money.

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