10 Kitchen Safety Tips

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.18.15

The holiday season seems like the perfect time to post a little reminder blog on kitchen safety tips. With the kids being home from school and family and friends visiting, your kitchen will be getting more traffic than usual for the next couple of weeks. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and take steps to prevent accidents in the kitchen, so we’ve compiled a list of safety tips you can easily implement in your home.

  1. Always dress appropriately. Make sure that your feet are protected from falling objects, especially sharp ones, and avoid wearing loose clothing.
  2. Never pour water on a grease fire, instead smother it with a non-glass lid or another pan. Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen!
  3. To avoid cross contamination, always have two cutting boards, one for raw meats only and another for all other foods. And when cleaning up, don’t forget to wipe down your refrigerator door, sink handle and microwave and oven doors in addition to the countertops.
  4. Watch out for steam. Always raise pot lids by pulling the cover towards you to avoid steam burns. Use oven mitts when removing covered microwaved items and open or lift covers away from your face.
  5. Keep pets out of the kitchen while you are cooking. They can be an unexpected obstacle and cause you to trip or fall.
  6. If you have young children or they will be visiting, secure lower cabinets and drawers with safety latches and tuck your trashcan in one of them.
  7. Make sure your area rugs are secure and won’t slip.
  8. Use the back burners on your stove when small children are present. Never leave the stove unattended while burners are on.
  9. Consider childproof covers for your stove to prevent burns and access to knobs.
  10. Unplug small appliances when they aren’t in use.



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