A Day till Done

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.15.09

Okay, it's confession time.  Do you see this photo of our beautiful living room/front entrance?  Look down and to the left.  There is a big piece of molding called baseboard and then there is a little piece of molding called shoe molding in front of it. We did this project a year ago, but I didn't install that little piece of shoe molding until Charlie, one of our fabulous Lead Carpenters, came to the house last Friday and knocked out three different carpentry items that were on my ToDo list for a looong time.

The feeling of DONE is so much better than NOT DONE.  Charlie gave me this sense of completion, wholeness, and warm-fuzziness.  I'd like to offer you the chance to enjoy what I am enjoying right now.  For carpentry-only items our typical day rate is $512. My special offer to you now is $440/day that's just $55/hr.  Just imagine what he can do to your todo list!  Shoot me an email to discuss your list: Ben@ThompsonRemodeling.com or give a call to the office 616-291-2118

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