Five Examples of When a Banquette is a Perfect Solution for Your Family.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.11.17

One of the top design elements of a kitchen remodel is an eat-in space. Nearly every family would like to include a spot to have informal meals or to entertain guests. In the past few years, several of our remodels have incorporated a banquette into the kitchen design. We think it’s a great feature and there are a few specific situations where it is the perfect solution to a family’s needs.

Here are five examples of when including a banquette in your kitchen design makes perfect sense:

  1. When space is tight. If you are remodeling a small-sized kitchen, consider using a corner or wall for a built-in banquette. Banquettes can be designed to take up minimal floor space, certainly much less than an actual table and chairs would use.banquette in farmhouse kitchen
  2. In place of an island. If the size or shape of your kitchen layout won’t allow for an island or if you simply don’t want one, a banquette is a great alternative to provide eating or hang out space. You can make it as casual or fancy as you like.
  3. When you need eat-in space for a crowd. A banquette is a fantastic option if you have a large family or often find yourself hosting informal meals for friends and neighbors. Designing one with long booth seating on one side and bench seating on the opposite will provide seating for a crowd. Plus you can pull up a few extra chairs or stools when needed. large banquette in family kitchen remodel
  4. To create a multipurpose space for work/homework and dining. If you’d like to a spot for your children to do their homework or crafts within your view while working in the kitchen or you need a place to set up your laptop to do a little work on the fly, a banquette is perfect.
  5. To create additional storage. Do you know what’s great about bench seating? You can create storage underneath that is completely hidden! Crafts supplies, homework, and linens can be tucked neatly away and out-of-sight quickly and easily.

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