Historic Work Trip

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.22.11

Twice per year I surround myself with a small group of individuals that represent the best and brightest of the national remodeling industry. We submit ourselves to a process of peer review, an exacting yet loving business community where we trust each other enough to help us become better people who happen to be professional remodelers. This act has enabled me to grow in large (easy to quantify) and more subtle ways. The bottom line, because of these people pouring into my life, I become more helpful to my clients. It is the process of perfecting my craft.

This meeting was housed at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, PA. Their website is:www.NormandyFarms.com. Next time you’re visiting Philadelphia I highly recommend you allow them to accommodate you. Normandy Farms is the inspiration of this month’s column.

The property dates back to 1730 and only 4 families have controlled the property since William Penn deeded it to make the property the largest non-bisected gentleman’s farm in America at 4,000 acres. I can’t even grasp the size for one thing, but I certainly cannot comprehend what’s changed in 279 years.  Here are 5 questions for your consideration, inspired by an absolutely amazing work trip.

1) What stories does your home hold from your family’s history?

Our meetings were held in the hayloft of the original barn. Executive chairs, white boards, and projectors are in the same place thousands of hay bales over-wintered.

2) What spaces can you dynamically re-purpose in your home?

Walnut paneling adorns the stairwells and a loft above the dining room.

3) How can your home benefit from an upgrade in amenities?

The food was regional yet inspired by the world travels of the chef.

4) Is your home reflective of your experiences and tastes?

The people I was with are friends who challenge me and the space was conducive for productive work.

5) Do the work spaces of your home (kitchen, laundry, home office, bathroom) support you in your work and comfortably house your family & guests?

I hope these questions bring up images of your home and the homes of your friends, family, colleagues. Is now the time to step out and help them? If so, you know where to reach me.

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