How has the pandemic impacted remodeling design?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.12.21

Every year, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) surveys designers, architects, and remodelers to learn what styles, materials and innovations are expected to become popular in the near future.  In 2020, the results from over 700 professionals pointed to four distinct design themes, several of which can be credited to how the pandemic has impacted the need to adapt our homes to support our new stay-at-home lifestyles.  

Kitchens have always been described as the hub of the home, but today our kitchens are hosting even more of our daily activities. The first theme, Connected Living, is based around the need for a centralized kitchen that is able to support a household’s needs for cooking, eating, entertaining, home schooling, working, and watching TV.  Some of the design elements you can expect to see becoming mainstream are multiple charging outlets, larger islands that double as dining spaces, and removing walls to open up the kitchen to the family room. 

The need for less clutter and better organization is the cornerstone of the second theme, Simplified Living.  Solutions that help keep things neat and easy to clean are anticipated to be important such as cabinets with integrated storage, islands with storage, large pantries, low-maintenance countertops, and bathroom tile designs with less grout.

Making our homes more accessible as we age is still a very important priority for homeowners who are remodeling their homes today. The third theme, Living in Place, suggests a continued focus on utilizing design features and layouts that enable family members of all ages to live in their homes more comfortably. This can include something as simple as a touch-free faucet or non-slip tiles to kitchens designed for multiple users at once or no-threshold showers.

The final theme, Healthy Living, provides design elements that support healthy eating, connecting with nature, and having a space to relax. Design elements in kitchen remodels can include large refrigerators with specialized storage for dairy, fresh produce and meats, sinks with integrated produce prep areas, and large pantries. In bathrooms, large windows that capture outdoor views, heated floors, and expansive showers or soaking tubs will be popular selections to support Healthy Living.

Do any of these themes resonate with you? We can certainly agree that we are incorporating many of the elements mentioned above into the projects we are currently designing. If your home is in need of updates to support your family’s lifestyle, please give us a call to discuss your needs and ideas.







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