How to Remodel your Galley Kitchen to Maximize Space

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.10.19


One of the more challenging layouts for maximizing space and functionality is the galley kitchen.  They are characterized as narrow spaces with parallel counters - almost like a kitchen placed in a hallway.  Galley kitchens are very common in older condos, townhomes, and some single-family homes, which make them very popular remodeling projects.

If you have a galley kitchen in your home, don’t despair. Here are several ways to improve its functionality through remodeling.

  1. Open it up. Here are three ways to do this:
    1. Completely remove one of the walls and open it to the adjacent room. Place an island where the old wall used to be.
    2. Remove upper cabinets on one side to allow view into the adjacent room.
    3. Expand one end into adjacent spaces by removing doors, widening doorways or entrances, and/or adding a peninsula.
  2. For more storage, extend cabinets to the ceiling.
  3. To accommodate more than one chef, place the sink at one end, preferably the open one. This will prevent congestion in the middle of the kitchen.
  4. Replace upper cabinets on one side with open shelving to visually increase space.
  5. Add plenty of lighting. Install overhead lighting throughout and under cabinet lighting.
  6. Utilize glossy surfaces on tile or counters to reflect light.
  7. Create built-in spaces to keep things off the counters such as microwave drawers, pull-out pantries, and/or appliance garages.
  8. Use panel ready appliances to reduce visual breaks along your walls.

Check out this galley kitchen remodel we completed for ideas and inspiration!

Thompson-remodeling-Clean and Modern Kitchen10

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