Key Ingredients for a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.24.18

Farmhouse style kitchens have really gained popularity in the past several years. Surely if you've watched an episode of Fixer Upper or one of the other hit HGTV shows you’ve seen one and they always seem so light, inviting and super stylish. It’s for those reasons that homeowners have been requesting to incorporate farmhouse design elements into their kitchen remodels. Whether you decide to go “full farmhouse” or select just a few items that give a nod to the style, there are certain key ingredients that are foundations of this design aesthetic. 

  1. The apron sink. Rather than sitting completely inside the countertop and cabinetry, the apron sink’s wide face or front is exposed. They are made in a variety of materials such as porcelain, stainless steel, copper, and even concrete.Thompson-Remodeling-Modern-Farmhouse-Kitchen2
  2. White Shaker cabinets. They are simple, without distracting trim or details, and feature recessed panel doors.Thompson-Remodeling-Modern-Farmhouse-Kitchen12
  3. Open shelving. Wall mounted shelves with exposed storage or open cabinets without doors allow you to find things easily or display favorite dishes.Thompson-Remodeling-Modern-Farmhouse-Kitchen8
  4. Cup pull hardware. This very popular choice comes in a variety of metals from oil rubbed bronze to chrome. 
  5. Statement pendant lights. Lighting is often used to create a focal point in a farmhouse style kitchen.  Pendants over islands and sinks are the perfect placement.  Your material options are abundant from all sorts of metal finishes to glass.Thompson-Remodeling-Classic-Two-Tone-Kitchen-Remodel11
  6. Subway tile. A subway tile backsplash is both clean and un-distracting, which allows the other elements in your kitchen shine. Thompson-remodeling-Open Concept Family Kitchen3
  7. Beadboard or paneling. Bring in some texture on your walls, cabinetry, island or floors.Thompson-remodeling-Open Concept Family Kitchen7


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