Mudroom Organization

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.24.11

This is the time of year when our mudrooms are being put through their paces.  If you have school-aged children or had grandchildren visit you over the holidays you experienced first hand how much stuff it takes to keep a family warm.

Here are a few tips to share from our small mudroom:

1. Extra coat hooks for guests.  Are hooks okay or do you need hangers?

2. Ice melt away from kids – we have small children so our Ice Melt is way up high out of their reach.  I keep the refill downstairs on a storage shelf so we don’t hav a 50 lb. bag on the mudroom floor.

3. Baskets – Kristin labeled each basket with a picture.  That is so cool!

4. Boots & Shoes are directly on resilient flooring.

5. Mailboxes – We have our at home Inboxes, and there is one for Bills.

6. Electrical outlets – there is an outlet down low for the paper shredder and there is a quad outlet in the cabinet for cellphones & the ipod docking station.  We have a no cellphone rule in the bedroom so this is where my smartphone gets parked.  Yeah, you know who tried to take his phone to bed.

7. Bead board – This is a simple architectural detail to make this very simple built-in look like a piece of furniture.

The cost on this built-in is very reasonable, it looks cool, and it functions great!  Thank you, Sara Tow,, for the inspiration for this column via Facebook.


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