Multipurpose to the Max: The Mudroom & Laundry Room Combo

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.19.18

It’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but there are two other areas in a home that are the true workhorses – mudrooms and laundry rooms! Mudrooms have become “must-haves” in new homes and folks who have decided to stay in their current homes are requesting them as part of their overall renovation plans. They keep the household organized and make comings and goings a whole lot easier. A mudroom can be completely customized to suit your individual family and all of the “stuff” you want and need to have handy – from coats and shoes to sports equipment and backpacks.

Laundry rooms are sometimes not even really rooms at all. Older homes may have washers and dryers tucked into a bathroom, a small closet, or even worse, hidden in the basement. We find clients frequently add updating their laundry area into an overall renovation project as well. Having room to actually fit a hamper or two and a counter space to sort and fold laundry makes washing laundry so much easier.

Wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to combine these to rooms into one? Absolutely! If you find yourself drenched from rain or the kids come home with mud all over their baseball uniform – just drop the wet or muddy clothes in the hamper or washing machine. With a utility sink you can quickly take care of all sorts of human and pet messes without entering the main area of the house.

Here’s a look at remodel we recently completed that combines the mudroom and laundry room for maximum functionality.




This mudroom and laundry room combo keeps this family organized. With twin boys, having a spot to drop-it-and-go or pick-it-up-and-go was a must. Two lockers allow for storage of everyday items and they can keep their shoes in the cubbies underneath. Any dirty clothes can be dropped off in the hamper for the wash, keeping all the mess here in the mudroom rather than traipsing all through the house. That’s multipurpose to the max!


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