Need Shade Outdoors? Try a Pergola.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.31.17

Ah, summertime, nice to see you again! I am so excited to be able to spend time outdoors with my family and it’s especially nice to do it in my own backyard. The upcoming holidays and weekends are the perfect times for cookouts on the deck, stargazing on the patio, or playing yard games with friends and neighbors. And recent studies say there’s been a major uptick in homeowners adding outdoor living areas to their homes this year. One of their top design requests is to add a shade element to provide a bit of relief from the sun on extra hot days. For many homeowners, a pergola is great option to consider, which will add not only partial shade but also lots of character.

natural wood decking and pergola

Pergolas have a distinct architecture and are made up of vertical posts that support cross beams above them creating an open overhead covering. On their own, they do not offer complete shade, however awnings, glass or wood panels can be used to form a ceiling for the structure. For added ambiance, you can add side panel draperies. If you want additional comfort, a ceiling fan is a great addition. Or, if you like you can skip a roof element completely and let the architecture shine on its own.

You can choose a variety of materials for your pergola, but the most popular are wood or vinyl. In terms of style, your design can complement the architecture of your home’s exterior. The size is completely customizable and should be based on the type of space you would like to define. They are ideal for outdoor dining or living areas, poolside cabanas, or outdoor kitchens.

Let us know if your outdoor space needs a little shade. We can discuss your needs and provide some suggestions on what will work best for your family.

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