Plan Your Bathroom Remodel by Answering These 5 Questions.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.7.14

It’s easy to overlook the importance of planning a bathroom remodel. All you need is a sink, toilet and bathtub right? While it’s true that you need a sink and toilet for the bathroom to offer the necessary functions, there are other things to consider making the best use of the small space.

We’ve put together a list of five questions to help you plan your bathroom remodel.

Your answers to these questions will guide you in communicating your wants and needs to your remodeler.

  1. Does the bathroom need a shower or tub or both? Consider the bathing preferences of the main users of the bathroom. When space is an issue in the master bath, many homeowners are deciding to forgo any type of tub and instead build a luxurious shower. If young children will use the bathroom, you will need a tub for bath time. A lot of times it’s possible to incorporate both!
  2. Do you need a double vanity? When two people share a bathroom, a double vanity allows each person their own space. Vanities do not need to be placed side by side. If your bathroom is an odd shape or size, ask your designer to consider two separate vanities.
  3. Would it be helpful to have a separate water closet? In many master baths, homeowners are choosing to create a separate, small closed room for their toilet.   If you find that your bathroom needs to be accessed by two individuals with similar schedules, this is a great solution. This leaves the sink and shower or tub area accessible to another user. It’s like a bathroom within a bathroom!
  4. What do you need to store in the bathroom? Make a list of everything that you want to have handy – toiletries, medication, toilet paper, hair dryers, linens, etc. Even in a small bathroom, there are many creative ways to accommodate storage solutions. Tower cabinets and vanities with drawers can store quite a lot of toiletries and even linens. Built-in or recessed shelves or even a separate linen closet can be incorporated as well.
  5. How long will you be staying in your home? This question will help you consider what things you might want to consider for future needs such as grab bars, shower seat or bench, or a walk-in shower.

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