Reduce Stress About Your Home - Take a Walkabout

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.2.11

Can you believe that it was 1986 when Crocodile Dundee came out?  Well, moves are stress relieving entertainment for a lot of us and John gives us a term I'd like to steal for my own purposes.  I'll call this stress relieving activity a Walkabout.

Symptoms of needing a walkabout:

1) You or your partner start talking about moving.

2) Someone says about the home you all once loved, "I hate this house."

3) "What are we going to do about kitchen?"

How to Do a Walkabout:

1) Get a pen and a legal pad.

2) Walk your whole property corner to corner and write down what needs to fixed, improved, or an area you know could be more than it is.  Maybe you have a vision for that space, maybe you need help with the vision, but just write it down.  Don't forget the garage or other outbuildings.

3) Walk through every room of your house starting upstairs and working all the way down to every room in the basement.

Tip: Phrases could be very discrete like, "Add doorstop to the kid's bathroom door." "Get referral for cleaning service."  "Wash siding on the North side of the house."  Or more visionary like, "Create a guest suite to make Mom & Dad feel welcome all summer."  "More elbow room for holidays & family gathering."

4) Go out to dinner.  Take the list to organize it or leave it behind. Celebrate taking a huge step forward in managing a large asset in your portfolio.

5) Organize the list - priorities, what is DIY vs. what needs professional help.  Is there a timeline or phases depending on budget?

Promised Outcomes:

1) Less Stress & Worry - By writing it down, you can get it off your mind.  It will be one less thing to worry about.

2) Confidence - When you prioritize your list you have a game plan.   It's the way to get what you want.

3) Congruence - If you value maintaining your "stuff" and keeping your possessions in working order a list of home projects keeps you in alignment with your values.

4) Clarity - So many people fix up their homes just before they sell them.  Having a complete inventory of your home projects will help you decide what you can do to stay, or give you clarity on what projects need to be completed before you can leave.

So there you have it.  A step-by-step guide to reduce stress by taking a Walkabout with your partner.  Hey, if you are feeling nostalgic for silly 80s movies, you can buy Crocodile Dundee the movie for a buck or two on

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