Remodeling Your Kitchen for Aging In Place

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.28.19

Kitchens top the list as the space homeowners would most like to remodel, particularly with empty nesters that are planning to stay in their homes after retirement. An aging in place remodel maximizes the functionality of a kitchen by creating a safe and comfortable environment for its users. Layout, fixtures, appliances and finishes are carefully selected to provide ease of use for aging homeowners and for those with existing or potential future handicaps.

We love aging in place kitchen remodels because it allows us to create spaces that enable homeowners to remain independent and stay in the home that they love. Curious about how your kitchen might change? We’ve compiled a list of 10 design elements that work very well for aging in place kitchen remodels.

  1. Open concept kitchen layouts. Making adjacent living spaces such as the living and dining rooms open to the kitchen create an easy to navigate lower level.
  2. Include a two tiered island or peninsula with a lower, table height counter. It’s easier to get on a stool or chair at this height and you can also accommodate a wheelchair.
  3. Leave open space beneath your cooktop and sink. The clearance will enable use by a person in a wheelchair.
  4. Pullout pantries. Keep everything in view and easily accessible in a highly organized pantry with pullout drawers and shelves.
  5. Position the sink close to the stove. This will make transferring pots to and from the sink and cooktop easier.
  6. Select a shallow sink. Make food prep and dishwashing easier by keeping the sink between 6-8” deep.
  7. Microwaves at the counter or just below. This makes things easier on your back and your shoulders.  Microwave drawers are a great option as well!
  8. Use as many drawers instead of doors as you can for lower cabinets. This way you can see everything at once and retrieve it easily.
  9. When you need to use cabinet doors, install pullout shelves to make everything easily accessible.
  10. Consider widening the clearance between counters, surfaces, and appliances to allow for a wheelchair.

If you are planning to stay in your home and would like advice on an aging in place kitchen remodel, please give us a call at (616) 942-1866

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