The 80-Minute Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.12.15

Limited free time and too long a list?  We can help!

1. Buy a case of furnace filters (12) and replace it each month.

2. Deep clean the the inside of the house to reduce allergies.  Hire a pro if needed.

3. Be sure gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and other debris.

4. Visually inspect the outside of the house & inside of the house down in the basement.  If “critters” have access to your home, stop ‘em with caulk & spray foam.

5. Be sure your attic vents (lower and upper) are not covered with insulation.  Ice dams on your roof are often caused by poorly performing insulation & improper ventilation in the attic.

6. Close & latch every window in the house (Keep count, you’ll be shocked).

7. Unhook and store your garden hoses.

8. Make your “Honey Do” list of BIG and small projects you need Thompson Remodeling to handle for you.  If you’d feel more comfortable judging someone else, do the same at your friend’s house.

Even if we may not perform the work directly for you, I want to be your #1 trusted source for all your home improvement needs.  You can always give me a call and I’ll keep you headed in the right direction.

Your home is an asset worth protecting.  As you are making your Honey Do list, think about what really bugs you about your home.  Does it reflect its ultimate potential?  Is it in saleable condition to compete in a market like today’s?

You know we help our clients with the big projects that transform their home, but we also will help our past clients and close friends with the little things listed below:

- Small carpentry projects & built-ins

- Drywall repairs

- Electrical, plumbing & HVAC repairs

- Hardwood floor refinishing

- Closet organizers and cabinetry

- Floor covering (all types!)

- Painting and power washing

- Tile backsplashes, repairs, sealing & maintenance — Hardware repairs & replacements

- Roofing

- Leaky basements

- Window replacements

- Upgrading & maintaining your deck

- Patios, walkways, outdoor fireplaces

- Driveway sealing and repairs

- Sheds & storage facilities

- Fencing

- Gutter cleaning & repairs

- Window cleaning & seasonal deep cleaning

- Screen repairs and installation

- Junk disposal and donations

- Landscaping & lawn maintenance

We can help you stay on course!

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