The Jones Family Left the Neighborhood

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.13.10

I am so happy to be experiencing a culture shift in my client base.  The Jones family no longer has the influence over their neighbors as they used fact, I'll argue that they have left the neighborhood.  Envy is at an all time low.  Conspicuous Consumption is underground.

The motivation for our clients has changed in exciting ways.  Their dreams and vision for their homes are their own.  Our clients are deeper, stronger, and more driven by their values than maybe they used to be.   Or maybe they are the only ones left.  Today's projects are less about recreating a look in a magazine and more about fulfilling the needs of a particular family.  Less and less do I hear, "I saw this __________ at a work party."  Maybe people just aren't as social as they used to be, but I do believe that the lure of good food and tasty beverage is as relevant today as it was in decades past.

Today those who end up becoming our clients begin our first of many conversations by saying, "We have decided not to move.  Here are the things that if we could change, it would mean our home would better fit our family.  How can you help us solve these problems?"  The meaning of the proposed changes are so much deeper than before, and the project goals are very rewarding for us to meet.

Motivations that are a joy for us to fulfill:

  1. We've been dreaming about this project for 10 years.
  2. Our kids are growing too fast and we want our house to be the "cool house" so they stay around more.
  3. My parents are moving in with us and we need to modify our home to meet their changing needs.
  4. We decided we're staying here for the next 30 years.  They'll take me out of it in a pine box.
  5. We raised our family here, we need less bedrooms and more space for entertaining and a home office.
  6. Our home is our haven, this space is a place for us to recharge so we can head back out and change the world.

Sure that list is idealistic but it's happening in our firm.  These are the clients who are hiring us and who we provide real value to by helping them fulfill their vision for their home.  Goodbye Jones family, the neighborhood is so much quieter without you.

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