Tips for Remodeling Your Laundry Room

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.13.14

laundry room

Laundry rooms used to be hidden in the basement, void of any decor, and let's face it, a space you didn't want your visitors to see.  Today, homeowners are choosing to move their laundry rooms to more accessible parts of the home and create attractive spaces that you can actually look forward using.  Although it may seem like a really simple remodel, there are several important things to consider when designing your laundry room.  We've compiled a list of tips to help you plan your laundry room remodel.

1.  Make it user-friendly.

Add countertops to accommodate sorting and folding.  If the room has a door, ensure that the door swing does not interfere with the use of your appliances.  Add a utility sink for hand washing.  Flooring should be water resistant and if possible, install a floor drain. Don't forget to place a pan under the washer.

2. Incorporate storage.

Add cabinets above or beside your washer and dryer to store detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, and irons.  Incorporate a built-in or pull-out ironing station to free up valuable floor space. Designate an area to hang items that need to air dry.  If your laundry room is large enough, add a linen closet.

3. Don't skimp on lighting.

Recessed lights or large pendant lights are ideal for ambient lighting or you can add a fun overhead light fixture if you prefer.  Consider adding under cabinet task lighting to help you when tending to stains and sorting laundry.

4. Consider the noise.

Be sure to add appropriate insulation to reduce noise.  If your laundry room is on the second floor, floor joists will need reinforcement to handle the weight of the appliances.

5. Safety precautions.

Make sure that your dryer duct is properly installed with a minimum run and as few turns as possible. You should check duct work annually for buildup.  Lint filters should be cleaned after each dryer load.

6. Don't forget to add some style.

Laundry rooms are a great place to use color.  Choose appliances in bold colors or paint walls in vibrant tones.  When adding countertops and cabinets think about how they blend with the rest of your home. You can even add a decorative backsplash and a chandelier if you like! Get creative and make it fun space!


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