Top Bathroom Remodeling Trend for 2014: Stand-Alone Tubs

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.6.14

One of the top bathroom remodeling trends for 2014 is the stand-alone tub. Can you remember when everyone wanted to have a big jacuzzi tub? We sure do! Clients in Grand Rapids, MI and all over the country have decided to replace jetted tubs or forego them completely, with a stylish stand-alone tub in their bathroom remodeling project.

Stand-alone tubs not only look great, but they take up less space than a tile-surround jetted tub. When space is tight, it’s a great solution that adds to the overall esthetic of your bathroom remodeling project. Positioning a stand-alone tub is also easier, as it does not rely on walls for anchoring. Consider positioning your tub next to a large window or sliding glass doors to take advantage of picturesque outdoor views.

In terms of style, shape and finishes the options are limitless. There's sure to be a stand-alone tub to suit your style whether you prefer a classic claw foot tub or something more sleek and modern. With traditional material options such as cast iron, resin and fiberglass to the more unusual wood, copper or enamel, you can select a tub that sets the perfect tone for your bathroom remodeling project.
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