How can I gain space in my home without building an addition?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.26.14

Remodeling your existing space can improve your home’s function and flow.

Many homeowners think that the best and easiest way to expand their living space is to build an addition. How can I gain space in my home without building an addition? And while sometimes an addition might be the best solution, there are actually several ways to gain space in your home by remodeling its existing spaces. Thompson Remodeling can help you take a good look at all the rooms in your home and how each is being utilized to determine if a remodel in your existing space makes sense for your family.

Here are four opportunities for remodeling within existing space.

  1. Repurposing rooms or spaces. Take a look at all the rooms in your home. Is every room being used daily or with some sort of frequency? Are there any rooms that qualify as a “catch-all” space? Rooms that you rarely use or function as a storage space or drop zone can easily be repurposed to better suit your concept


  2. Open Concept Floor plans. For decades homes were built with separate, closed rooms for specific activities: dining, cooking, relaxing, or watching television. These compartmentalized floor plans can make entertaining difficult and make you feel a bit disconnected to your other family members. Today, we are doing a lot of remodels that involve removing interior walls to create an open concept floor plan, which are great for bringing in natural light and allowing flow and view from room to room.basement remodel
  3. Basement remodels. Your basement can offer a ton of additional living space. They can almost be considered a blank canvas to create whatever type of space your heart desires such as home gyms, guest bedrooms, craft rooms, or man caves.
  4. Screened porch remodel. Your existing porch or deck can be converted into a four-season sunroom, which would make it a useful space year round.

The solution to your particular home’s space expansion could be one or more of the above options. At Thompson Remodeling, we’ll discuss your goals and make suggestions to help transform your home into a place that you and your family will love.

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