15 Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen Storage

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.1.14

Tame the mess with these kitchen storage ideas.

Pots, pans, dishes, glasses, flatware, utensils, napkins, cookbooks, sponges, appliances, food...the list is never-ending. All of these things and more need to have a home in your kitchen...somewhere! We've remodeled lots of kitchens over the years and know a thing or two about creative kitchen storage ideas. That's why we've put together this list of 15 ideas to provide you with some great ideas to improve the organization in your kitchen.

15 Kitchen Storage Ideas

1. Custom pantry. When space allows, get all the food items out of your kitchen cabinets by adding a pantry.

2. Use drawers instead of doors on base cabinets. Deep drawers are the perfect place to store pots, pans and even dishes. Imagine not having to hunt for that pan or lid behind all the other items in a cabinet.

kitchen storage Drawers on base cabinets in Thompson Remodeling kitchen.

3. Utensil drawer. These pull out drawers can house all of your spatulas, spoons, whisks, etc in a standing position so they are easy to find.

4. Pull out towel rack. Install one of these next to your sink so you always have your towel and dish washing items handy.

kitchen storage Pull out towel rack in Thompson Remodeling kitchen.

5. Hidden spice cabinet. The perfect spot for these are right beside your cooktop. Often hidden either right beside the stove top or next to the oven.

6. Baking cabinet. Cookie sheets, cooling racks and cupcake pans can get lost in regular cabinets or drawers. Install a slim cabinet or pull out drawer with dividers to keep these items from getting lost.

7. Under sink slide out drawer. Let's face it, the cabinet under your sink is pretty dark, making it hard to find anything. Install a drawer at the bottom and store all of your dish washing items in it.

8. Pull out trash can. Dedicate one of your cabinets to your trash can and stash it out of view.

9. Open Shelving. These are functional and visually pleasing. Use shelves to store cookbooks, vases, bowls, even dishes.

kitchen storage Open shelving in Thompson Remodeling kitchen.

10. Appliance garages. Install a little "garage" for your small countertop appliances below your upper cabinets. These sit on your counter and have a sliding door to hide the appliances when not in use, but blend with your upper cabinets when the door is closed.

11. Extend cabinets to the ceiling.

kitchen storage Cabinets extended to the ceiling in Thompson Remodeling kitchen.

12. Install cabinet doors that open in and up/down direction. Great for storing glassware and dishes.

kitchen storage Cabinet doors with hydraulic hinge system in Thompson Remodeling kitchen.

13. Pull out pet bowls. Install a drawer in a lower cabinet to house your pet bowls. Pull it out to feed your pets and when they are finished eating simply close it up. No more messy pet bowls on the floor.

14. Corner cabinet drawers. Don't waste the space where your cabinets connect in a corner. Special drawers can be designed to allow you to maximize this space.

15. Kitchen communication center. When space allows, create an area where you can collect mail, post chore lists and notes. You may even want to allow space for a computer or a small television.

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