Does Your Home Need An Addition?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.9.14

How to know if an addition is the best solution.

Sometimes when you need more living space, an addition is the best solution. A few week’s ago we blogged about how to gain space in your home without adding an addition, but there are times when an addition makes the most sense. We will discuss those situations in this blog.

Use these five statements as a guide to determine if your home might be best suited for an addition.

  1. I have maximized all the existing space in my home by opening or removing walls.
  2. All unused or underutilized rooms have been repurposed and are now functioning and meeting my needs.
  3. My basement, attic, deck, and/or screened porch are not suitable for remodeling or already satisfy the needs of my family.
  4. I need more bedrooms, play areas, or entertaining spaces that cannot be found elsewhere.
  5. If I build an addition, my home will still be within a reasonable price range in my neighborhood.

If the five statement above are true for your home, an addition might be what you need. Over the years, Thompson Remodeling has worked with many families to expand their living spaces with an addition. Our designers will talk with you about your individual family’s needs and propose solutions that meet your goals and budget. Please contact us when you are ready to discuss your project. Our aim is to help you Love Where You Live!

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