Need more functional space? A garage remodel could be your answer.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.2.14

Thompson Remodeling two car garage imageCreating the functional garage – ideas for your garage remodel.

There’s a great space in your home that is just begging to be more useful or organized – it’s your garage! Since many people only use it for entering or exiting the home, it’s easy to overlook as a great opportunity for functional space. In this blog, we will get you thinking about how a garage remodel could make you love your home even more.

Thompson Remodeling’s Garage Remodel Ideas
Create a mudroom. Every family can benefit from a mudroom – a place to take off your shoes, drop your briefcase or backpacks, umbrellas, dog leashes, and other commuter or school items before entering the home.
Built-in shelving and/or wall-mounted storage. Creating space to keep all of your household items organized will make finding them when you need them and replacing them when you have run out so much easier. Use wall-mounted storage to keep brooms, shovels, and sports equipment off the floor.
Workbenches. Having a workbench away from the children and pets to fix things that may require sharp tools or chemical substances will come in handy. You can also use this type of space as a hobby or craft area.
Exercise space. Add rubber floor tiles, lighting, and a flat screen TV and create a space for working out.
Pet grooming station. Create a pampering station for your favorite furry family member. Install a washing tub and storage cabinets to keep extra food, toys, brushes, and leashes.
Expand with an addition for office space, a guest room, bar, laundry room, playroom.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to use your garage space. These are just some ideas to get you thinking. The best solution depends on your family’s needs. Thompson Remodeling would love to help you create your functional garage. Please contact us to discuss your ideas!
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