Not Your Average Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.5.14

How often do you have to rummage around in your kitchen cabinets trying to find that pot or gadget you are trying to find? Most of us find ourselves doing it almost daily. Fortunately, cabinets have come a long way! Now, there are all sorts of cool inserts and built-ins that you can incorporate into your cabinet layout.

We recently completed a project some great specialty cabinets. When we were in the design phase, we took the time to carefully plan out how each cabinet was going to be used, which enabled us to make the very best use of every inch of space.

Feast your eyes on these cool kitchen cabinets!

kitchen cabinet This corner cabinet features a Lazy Susan insert to hold trash and recycle bins.

kitchen cabinets A pull out drawer with built-in dish organizer!

kitchen cabinets Use every inch of your corner cabinet with pull out trays. Notice the appliance garage directly above for tucking appliances out of view when not in use.

kitchen cabinets This custom pantry has sections that pull out to access a hidden laundry chute!

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