5 Fire Safety Tips

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.23.10

On-air today is a follow-up from Pat's conversation with Chief, Jim Duval, Ada Fire Department

  1. Everyone forgets the carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.  They need to be heard from each sleeping area.
  2. Smoke Detectors - Needed in each sleeping room, in the hall outside of each sleeping area, and in the stairway leading to the area.  If you do any remodeling, you may be required by the building inspector to upgrade all of your smoke detectors to an interconnected system.
  3. Solid Fuel Chimneys - Have them inspected and/or cleaned once/year.  You can use a hande mirror to look up into the chimney.  When dampered down, creosote is more likely to build up in the chimney than burning at full flame with the damper completely open.  Use seasoned wood, not wood that was cut this past fall.
  4. Electric heaters / Kerosene heaters - Only use ones that have a tip-over switch (turn off when tipped), Keep them away from curtains, blankets, and your Snuggie.  Don't use small, cheap extension cords (if it cost less than $10, don't use it).
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher in the house.  A good place is mounted in the cabinet under the kitchen sink or in an accessible pantry.

Stay safe, West Michigan.  Thanks, Pat Thompson, and Chief Jim Duval for bringing us this information.

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