thompson remodeling grand rapids mi | 12.12.18

Best Remodeling Companies in West Michigan


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Safety Tips | 11.30.18

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Can you believe it’s time to dig out the holiday decor from your basement or attic? Seems like it was Halloween just yesterday! Decking your home out for the season is great fun, but as you trim your tree and string up the lights, there are a few important safety tips to consider.  Please take a few minutes to review our list to ensure your home is a safe zone for your friends and family to gather.

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thompson remodeling grand rapids mi | 11.26.18

Is Your Home Telling You It's Time to Remodel?

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! I’m sure many of you are busy planning family gatherings, shopping ‘til you drop, or getting ready to bake up all kinds of delicious confections.  I love this time of year!  But, have you ever noticed that this is also when those less than perfect areas of your home will really cause you frustration? As you host family and friends for the holidays, you may find yourself critiquing what could be working better for you in your home. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  Many homeowners will make the decision it’s finally time to remodel just after the New Year. 

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bathroom remodeling | 11.18.18

10 Design Tips to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their bathroom is that it is too small. And when it’s too small, it’s usually short on storage too. So, how can you create better functionality in space that already feels cramped? Great question! Here are 10 design tips you can use in your bathroom to maximize space.

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Thanksgiving | 11.9.18

Five Ideas for a Fun & Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is coming and we are super excited! I’m sure all of you have your plans underway for visiting family or hosting a Thanksgiving feast at your own home. The gathering of multiple family generations and friends is great fun, but can also be a bit stressful for the hosts who have to plan and orchestrate the big event. We have a few great ideas to help make your Thanksgiving all fun and no stress!

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family friendly remodel | 10.30.18

Family Friendly Remodeling Ideas

Planning a remodel for a household with children requires careful thought to include materials and selections that are safe, durable, and functional. It may surprise you, but this can be done without sacrificing beauty or style. Over the years, we’ve worked with families of all sizes to design spaces that are not only kid-friendly, but look great too!  With consideration for each individual family’s needs, we look for solutions to improve daily functionality both today and in the future as your children grow up. Take a look at our list of family friendly remodeling ideas below. We think you’ll find some of them to be great ideas for any household considering a remodel.

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design | 10.9.18

5 Design Elements that Make a Space Feel Larger

Adding space isn’t always an option when you’re remodeling and in many cases it isn’t needed in order to improve the functionality and beauty of your home.  That being said, one of the most common design challenges is how to make a space feel larger when it may not necessarily be large in terms of square footage.  How can you make it happen when you have to work within an existing footprint without smoke and mirrors? You would be surprised at how much magic can happen when you integrate a few of these design elements into your space.

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kitchen remodeling | 09.29.18

Thompson Remodeling's Tips to Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodel

Congratulations! You’ve decided to remodel and a brand new kitchen is on the horizon. Soon, you can celebrate and show off your new space to your friends, family and neighbors. Kitchens play an important role in our everyday lives so preparing ahead of time will make the process much easier on your family.  To help you prepare, we’ve put together the following list of tips to help you get ready.

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basement trends | 09.11.18

Six Popular Features in Basement Remodeling

Basements used to be dark, dreary spaces reserved for storing holiday decor, your out-of-season wardrobe, and all sorts of other “stuff” you want to keep but need out of the way.   Today, for many homeowners, it has become a place to entertain and hang out with the family, with beautiful finishes and spaces that feel like a natural extension of the rest of the home.  If you are looking to create more usable space in your home, consider the generous square footage available in your basement and how you could customize it to suit your family’s needs.

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bathrooms | 07.31.18

Dress Up Your Bathroom with a Vessel Sink

  Looking for a place to add some pizzazz in your bathroom remodel? A vessel sink can be a great option for creating a beautiful focal point in your powder room or master bath. This type of sink is designed to sit above or partially below the countertop and the options are plentiful when it comes to style. You can find anything from an oversized rectangular trough-style sink to something more ornate in a decorative glass, or perhaps even something hand-painted.

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Featured | 07.28.18

Five Great Reasons to Follow Us on Social Media

How often do go on Facebook? How about Instagram? I bet that many of you are active on one social media network or another on a daily basis. I know I am! It allows me to stay connected with my friends, family and business connections.  Not only that, but similar to millions of other social media users, it’s become an important source for me to get my daily news.  You probably follow your favorite restaurant, sports teams, local shops, and news stations, but do you follow your local remodeler? 

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outdoor remodeling projects | 07.1.18

Outdoor Spaces that Beat the Heat and the Bugs

We are officially in the summer season and that means it’s time for backyard barbecues, friends and family get-togethers, and enjoying the natural settings surrounding our homes. As much as we love this time of year, sometimes the heat and bugs can put a damper on being outside.  How fantastic would it be if you could do it without getting overheated, the risk of sunburn, or a bunch of bug bites?  It would be fabulous, right? Take a look at these two outdoor spaces that offer the comforts and security of the being indoors.

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