Featured | 08.14.19

Is Your Home Back-To-School Ready?

Summer is nearly over and the school year is about to start. Is your home ready? Every year families with children prepare for the oncoming year by making annual back to school shopping trips.  Parents gear up for the change in schedules and get the kids ready for the big switch from summer vacation to school mode.  And this time of year can really wreak havoc on your home if you aren’t prepared. There are backpacks, books, uniforms, sports equipment, and lunches to think about.  Where’s all that stuff going to go?  We’ve got a few tips to help you get your home back to school ready and it’s all about setting up zones.

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Featured | 01.12.19

Design Tips for Functional Mudrooms

Every household can benefit from a mudroom.  Families with children and pets appreciate this room for supplying the all-important drop and go zone for daily comings and goings.  Even adult-only households recognize the benefits of having a place to store cold and wet weather necessities, shoes, cleaning supplies, and other items you want to have easy access to but keep out of the main areas of your home.   

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Featured | 01.19.18

Multipurpose to the Max: The Mudroom & Laundry Room Combo

It’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but there are two other areas in a home that are the true workhorses – mudrooms and laundry rooms! Mudrooms have become “must-haves” in new homes and folks who have decided to stay in their current homes are requesting them as part of their overall renovation plans. They keep the household organized and make comings and goings a whole lot easier. A mudroom can be completely customized to suit your individual family and all of the “stuff” you want and need to have handy – from coats and shoes to sports equipment and backpacks.

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Love Where You Live | 04.12.17

Family Friendly Remodeling Projects

Durability, functionality and safety are important considerations of a remodeling plan especially when your household includes children. Knowing that your flooring can handle the daily activities without scratching or that you actually have a place for all the kids to store their book bags and sports equipment can really provide some peace of mind. If your home could use some improvements to better suit your family’s lifestyle, here are several suggestions on projects you might want to consider.

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Love Where You Live | 06.25.16

Project Spotlight: A Mudroom Remodel with Mucho Storage & Style

Here's a remodeling story that's close to my heart.  In fact, it's actually about my own home! Have you noticed how popular mudrooms remodels have become over the past several years? Well, when you have a family of five, including three youngsters and a dog, it really becomes a necessity. Unfortunately, our home didn't have one and we were in desperate need to create a space to manage our comings and goings that would connect to the rest of our home. Kristin came up with a fantastic design that not only allowed us to do just that, but it also included space for our guests and a family command center.

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Trends | 09.27.15

The Essential Mudroom - Maximized Storage & Style

I can remember when a mudroom was just a simple room off of the garage with a few shelves and maybe a sink. Thankfully, designers and remodelers have realized that the mudroom can be so much more! Even tight spaces can be maximized to provide the much-needed functional storage space every family needs to keep a variety of “stuff” organized.   Depending on your lifestyle, that “stuff” can include the obvious coats, scarves, gloves and shoes, but can also extend to sporting equipment, pet necessities, school books, computer bags, and cleaning supplies.

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Love Where You Live | 09.4.15

Project Spotlight: Buy A New Home or Remodel?

We often think about our dream house and what it might look like. Is it a brand new home, an old home with character, or perhaps your existing home with some major remodeling? Do I buy a new home or remodel? That’s exactly the question our clients were considering when they returned back home from living overseas. They initially thought a custom home might be the way to go, but the idea of waiting through all the planning and construction seemed like a waste of valuable time they could be spending together as a family. So instead, the family decided to buy an existing home and remodel it to perfectly suit their own needs.

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Trends | 05.22.14

Mudrooms that tame the mess.

Keep your comings and goings more organized with a mudroom. Every home can use a mudroom - a place to drop your bags, coats, umbrella, book bags, leashes, golf bags, or baseball mitt. Households of all types and sizes can use this room as a staging area to help manage clutter and keep mud and dirt out of the rest of the home.

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Love Where You Live | 05.2.14

Need more functional space? A garage remodel could be your answer.

Creating the functional garage – ideas for your garage remodel. There’s a great space in your home that is just begging to be more useful or organized – it’s your garage! Since many people only use it for entering or exiting the home, it’s easy to overlook as a great opportunity for functional space. In this blog, we will get you thinking about how a garage remodel could make you love your home even more.

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Love Where You Live | 11.23.11

Holiday Flexibility

The holidays require flexibility.  It is not for everyday living.  It is a compressed time of celebration.  Family, Friends, Food, Fun all of them can be amazing, and sometimes not.  The purpose of this blog post is to offer home & hospitality related ideas that will increase your ability to be guest-focused this holiday.

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Love Where You Live | 01.5.10

Mudroom Organization

This is the time of year when our mudrooms are being put through their paces.  If you have school-aged children or had grandchildren visit you over the holidays you experienced first hand how much stuff it takes to keep a family warm.

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