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Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.12.11

"Thompson Remodeling provided amazing expertise from design all the way through to punch list. We were guided every step of the way and the communication was so timely that we never had to ask "what is next?" They have an amazing team and we will definitely be working with them again!" (comment via GuildQuality)

"New, big porch on existing house. Came out great! Very neat construction site. Crew was very nice and quiet! So happy with Thompson, we had them do our deck which also turned out great." (comment via GuildQuality)

"We were so impressed with the entire process! From start to finish we felt taken care of and informed. Ryan & Jill Fausey." (comment via GuildQuality)

"We love your staff! You impressed us with your care and timeliness! It was so easy to talk with you and share ideas. Ryan & Jill Fausey." (comment via GuildQuality)

"Beyond Amazing! Even the dumpster was organized! We did not worry about dust, nails, ect. Everything was meticulous at the end of the day. Ryan & Jill Fausey." (comment via GuildQuality)

From the moment we met Ben and his staff we knew that Thompson Remodeling would take our kitchen from outdated to OUTSTANDING! What an amazing team! Ryan & Jill Fausey (comment via GuildQuality)

"Thank you! Our kitchen is all we hoped it would be! Ask us where we spend most of our time...the kitchen, of course! Not only do we love it, our family and friends love it too!" Ryan & Jill Fausey (comment via GuildQuality)

"Actually our project was finished WAY ahead of schedule! Curt was great! I missed him after he was gone." Jared & Nellie Schutte ( comment via GuildQuality)

"It was an overall good experience. It was great customer service. The workmanship was of good quality, and we would use Thompson Remodeling again."  Tim & Rachel Barker (comment via GuildQuality)

"In our home, Thompson remodeling has enlarged and updated an existing deck, remodeled a bathroom, and repaired a long time leaking window that was installed by another company. The quality of work is excellent and the employees and subcontractors have been a pleasure to work with. We will call Thompson first for any future projects." Richard & Carol Hackbarth (comment via GuildQuality)

"Working with Thompson Remodeling was an enjoyable experience. They are professionals who take pride in their work and the results prove it." Keith & Maureen Jantz (comment from GuildQuality)

"Thank you Ben. Working with you has been a great experience for us. We will be at the house next month.  Keith will stay a few days and I will be there about a month.  After that we will be back for an extended stay.  We can hardly wait!"- Maureen (comment Via Email)

"I would like to share with you a little bit of our experience in working with Thompson Remodeling.

My husband and I decided to remodel our bathroom. It was a decent room but not up to the design and style that we preferred. In the previous year we had remodeled our kitchen and had tried to manage the project ourselves. We encountered many delays and roadblocks that left us feeling like we did not want to manage the bathroom project on our own.

As you know, bathrooms are not cheap. We met with Ben and , during the course of the design process, learned that our project was going to be a fair amount over the budget we had planned on. After taking a deep breath, we plunged forward and decided to hire Ben to handle the work. Honestly, it was a leap of faith…and I was VERY nervous.

Let me start by saying WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED. In fact, we were overwhelmingly pleased. Every single detail was attended to, often before I even realized it needed attention. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted going into the project and every member of the staff, made it his mission to ensure I received what I wanted & needed. I would like to briefly point out some of the highlights that mattered to me:

1) The house was clean every evening when we arrived home from work.
2) The work was on schedule. If there was an unavoidable delay (backordered items etc) we were informed right away.
3) When there were concerns, calls were made to us offering solutions as part of the discussion…we weren’t left to stress and worry about it.
4) They worked around our schedule.
5) The quality was significantly above expectation. Their attention to detail was at least as good and, in many instances, better than mine.

I would also like to tell you a bit about the people involved in the process:

Ben: The consummate professional. Really wants to over deliver on his promises….and he does!

Kerra- Designer: What to say? outstanding, amazing, available, creative… She stepped in to offer ideas but let us make the decisions.

Charlie- Lead carpenter: The title is misleading. He is a jack of all trades with a strong creative mind of his own. He is totally on top of the flow of the project, double-checking work, keeping things on track---even ahead when possible.

Sub-contractors for plumbing, electrical, tile, paint, etc- I did not personally meet most of these folks, but their footprints on the project were all over the place! The attention to detail (particularly with the tile) was simply astounding. We would come home at night and see where the design options for floor or tile was laid out in such a way as we knew that time was being spent considering the best configuration…not just slapping it up on the wall or down on the floor.

If I could offer a bit of advice here-- do you want a stress-free, professional, detailed, timely, quality job ? If you do, you will have selected the right contractor by hiring Thompson. Did it cost a little more? Yes. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Would I do it again? IN A HEARTBEAT." Happy remodeling!
-Amy & Doug DeLeeuw via email

"Enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Ben Thompson at Thompson Remodeling. Ben and his team have at various times remodeled our kitchen, constructed our wonderful fireplace, put in two wheelchair ramps, and most recently updated all of the windows in our cottage. I highly recommend the work they do, and suggest you give him a call if you have home remodeling projects of your own. Thanks for dinner, Ben!" -Tony Josephson via Facebook

"Thompson Remodeling did a very good job on our kitchen redo. The work was very high quality and completed on time and within budget. I would be happy to reference for them at any time for potential customers." - Tim & Deb (Comment via GuildQuality)

"They were very professional and did exactly what they said they would do. The schedule was followed and there were no horror stories. They've completed two bathrooms and a kitchen for me and I would absolutely recommend them."  -Ted & Fro (comment from GuildQuality)

"Awesome. I was totally AMAZED by the progress made just yesterday.  I was also 110% impressed with how well he cleaned up before he left. KUDOS!" - Amy D.

"Charlie, I really like your choice with the window trim. You're Amazing. Thanks!" -Sheila

"We just wanted to let you know that Charlie did a wonderful job replacing our window! I'm very happy with the way it looks and the fact that he's super clean! My bathroom looks as good as it did when he started and I REALLY appreciate that!  We look forward to seeing Charlie around the house on the next project." - Renee

“The project plan Ben came up with was very good, timely, and followed very well. TRI has great subcontractors. We especially liked the flooring people who worked endlessly to get us the floors that were JUST RIGHT. The painting was so much better than I expected and the bathroom shower and counter are much better than we hoped for. We love the can light arrangement in the basement and to now have a three way switch for the steps is very nice. All the details were taken care of. It is amazing that in the end having water damage turned out to be the start of something so enjoyable. We didn’t just restore – we remodeled. And it got done just the way we wanted – no -better than we originally wanted. It was very nice to have a good insurance company who worked with TRI and vice versa.” – John M. (comment from GuildQuality)

“We were very pleased with the quality of work and materials. The work was completed on time on a tight schedule. Charlie’s attention to detail and to high quality work resulted in a renovation project that will be enjoyed for years.” (comment from GuildQuality)

“I have heard of a lot of horror stories about remodeling companies. However, Thompson Remodeling was great and is a very professional company.” (comment from GuildQuality)

“They were terrific. We really appreciated the workmanship. It was wonderful. They were extremely organized. Their word was their word. You could trust everything they said and it worked out well.” (comment from GuildQuality)

“I’ve been referring them to everybody. They did a fantastic job! We love them.” (comment fromGuildQuality)

“It was the first good experience I’ve had with anybody in construction and I’ve done many a project.” (comment from GuildQuality)

“I would say that on top of the quality of the work they do that is top rate, we appreciate their integrity and their honesty, and we received both. This is our second project with them, they are top rate in everything they do and when we have another project to do, we will use them again.” (comment from GuildQuality)

“Ben’s creativity, kindness, and commitment to continuous improvement and doing the right thing are refreshing and inspiring.” – MaryAnne Wampler (comment from LinkedIn)

“I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a consultant for Ben’s company, Thompson Remodeling, and sit with him on the Medical Mile Resource Group core member team. From these experiences I’ve learned that Ben is very honest, dedicated and forward-thinking. He has a knack for making a complicated process simple and for efficiently organizing a group to quickly solve a problem. I can only imagine what clients of Thompson Remodeling experience when all this is applied to their project!” – Craig Clark (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben Thompson and his company stands head and shoulders above most remodeling companies nationwide. Locally and regionally his firm ranks with the best remodeling firms available. I have worked with Ben and would recommend he and his firm to anyone with no reservations. He always insists on delivering quality, creativity and personable service that is above and beyond what his clients are expecting, and on time too.” - Stan Barnes (comment fromLinkedIn)

“Ben was hired to repair the sagging wrap-around porch of our home in the historic area of Heritage Hill.  Rather than give us the standard, “tear it down and start from scratch,” as others had, he was able to diagnose the real problem – a few strategically located rotting floor boards and support beams that could be replaced.  His workers were on-time, respectful of our property and our neighbors, and expert at their craft.  We saved money, and are very pleased with the result.  We will hire him the next time we have a home repair project.” – Mary Novello (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben and his family have been loyal customers of Virginia Tile for many years. He’s one of the hardest working, most professional people I know. His positive attitude sets a great example for both his employees and clients, and I’m always happy to have an opportunity to work with him.” – Sue Strate, Virginia Tile Company (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben sets himself apart from others by his passion for personal development and improvement.  As long as I have known him, his passion for helping others, his family, and his clients has been amazing.” – Craig Durosko (comment fromLinkedIn)

“I have never had Ben do any work for me but I’ve known him for several years and have seen many projects his company has worked on. Ben is, without doubt, one of the most focused people I know. He is also extremely personable, honest, and driven. Thompson Remodeling has had a pristine reputation for many years and I would not hesitate to hire them for any project no matter how big or small.” – Michael Bartels (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben is a 2nd generation remodelor running a 2nd generation company. I would beg you to find a many other companies that could say that, also I dont think you could find one that runs at such a high level of quality and professionalism. Thompson Remodeling with Ben stearing the ship is sailing swiftly through these tough economic times with proper planning, marketing and the refferals only overly satisfied customers can bring you. Ben is a leader in this industry comanding much respect with what has been accomplished to date and the future for his company has a long story to still be written.” – Edward Moorhead III (comment from LinkedIn)

“I have known and worked with Ben and his team at Thompson Remodeling since 2003. Ben is one of the most professional and caring indivudals I know. Ben’s passion for his clients and his business can be seen in everything he does. I can enthusiastically recommend Ben and his team at Thompson Remodeling for your next remodeling need!” – Don Klein (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben has always been great to work with, very understanding and he sees that the work gets accomplished in a timely, and professional manner, while looking out for his clients best interests.” – Tom Varano (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben and the team at Thompson Remodeling are always our “go-to” guys for any and all home renovation projects, big and small. Their craftsmen are very experienced, very easy to work with and extremely reliable. From building our fireplace surround and mantle, to hanging and wiring our flat screen TV, I can always count on having a positive experience with Thompson. Thanks guys!” – Leslie Drueke (comment from LinkedIn)

“Ben Thompson is consciencious, dependable and determined to provide great service and results. Ben is also hungry for knowledge and on-going improvement. We hired Ben for a major home improvement project and we are delighted with the results. Thanks, Ben, to you and your team!” – John Murphy (comment from LinkedIn)

“We hired Ben and his team to redo our kitchen. They were on time, on budget, and did good work. I highly recommend them.” – Andy Portinga (comment from LinkedIn)

“Thompson Remodeling handles all remodeling jobs, whether big or small, with the same fine attention to detail. I trust them to handle all of my remodeling needs, and I know that the work will get done on time and with great results. I highly recommend Thomspson Remodeling!”  – Patrick Drueke (comment from LinkedIn)

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