Shower Door Fix

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.11.10

Listener Response: "Good morning!   I enjoy your show each week, and heard your comments this morning on replacing shower door rollers.   Several months ago our shower door started to function poorly, and I found one of the rollers had worn out.  I went to the local hardware and plumbing store to pick up replacements (as always in these situations, if one of a set wears out it's best to replace all of them) but searching the plumbing section alone and then with a clerk no shower door rollers could be found.  On a hunch, I walked over to the "screen and patio door" area and, lo and behold, found a good stock of exactly the rollers I needed.  Best of all, because these (shower door) rollers hadn't sold well to (patio door) customers, I got all four for less than I'd normally have paid for a single roller, though frankly they're not expensive even at full price.   Fifteen minutes later, our shower doors opened and closed like new."   Gary from Pearline, MI

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