Bundle Up Grand Rapids & Stay Safe & Warm with Our Winter Weather Tips.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.31.19

Grand Rapids has been experiencing bitter cold temperatures. In fact, yesterday it was the coldest day on record since 1994! With the continued treacherous weather conditions, school, and business closings, we hope that your family and pets are safe and warm inside your homes. 

If you've got a case of cabin fever,  grab a mug of hot cocoa and read through our cold weather tips!

  1. If you need to salt your own driveway and sidewalks, look for a large galvanized trash can to store special snow salt. A large scoop will come in handy to get the salt from the can to the ground without having to use your own hands.
  1. If you have to drive somewhere during or after snowfall, be extra safe by wiping your vehicle completely clear of snow. That means the roof, all the windows, the sides, and above the hood and trunk. Driving with snow on you car poses great danger to other drivers around you, as well as yourself.
  1. Make sure you have one or two sturdy shovels and a snowbrush and scraper, preferably at least one of each, stashed in your car for emergencies. Snow can pile on fast, so while you’re running in the store to grab milk and bread, a lot of snow can pile up around and on your car. If you have a large driveway or road, consider investing in a snow blower.
  1. Be a good neighbor. Some neighbors will buy a snow blower together and help each other shovel snow. Getting to know your neighbors doesn’t just build a community, but you can benefit from the help you give each other.
  1. Create a mudroom next to your main entrance so you can collect all family members’ winter coats, boots, gloves, and hats in one place and keep the mess out of the rest of your house.
  1. Break out the old-fashioned entertainment. Before the digital age we read books and played games with our family members when we’re stranded indoors. Stash a range of games in the great room so you and your family can enjoy some good old-fashioned bonding time and get away from gadgets.

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