Connect with Nature with the 2020 Colors of the Year

Posted by Ben Thompson on 09.30.19

Fall is the time of the year that the paint companies begin announcing their color of the year selections. The picks from three of the top paint companies for 2020 reflect the natural canvases of our world; from the night’s sky to the great depths of ocean, down to the green foliage covering the earth.  From those hints you may have guessed that two of the colors are shades of blue and the third is a green hue. Each company referenced a need for coming back to nature as one of the key reasons for selecting their color of the year.

Here’s a look at the 2020 Colors of the Year.

Sherwin Williams selected Naval, a nautical, rich blue, like the deep sea or a clear night’s sky.  This hue is said to bring a sense of calmness, grounding and even confidence to those in its presence.  Consider using Naval for an accent wall in your home office, living room, or even for a vanity or kitchen cabinets.


photo by Sherwin Williams

PPG ‘s Chinese Porcelain is a combination of cobalt and ink blue and offers the perfect backdrop for other colors to pop - from crisp whites to metallic finishes.  This shade of blue is said to envoke serenity and hopefulness and reminds of us the sky and the sea. Chinese Porcelain would be beautiful in a bedroom or bathroom.

room-living-room_chinese-porcelain__ppg1160-6photo by PPG

Taking a departure from the blue trend, Behr selected Back to Nature as their Color of the Year. This pale, mossy, sage green brings a sense of the outdoors to your interiors and creates a calm and balanced environment.  Consider painting a bathroom, bedroom, or office with Back to Nature.


photo by Behr




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