Featured | 09.30.19

Connect with Nature with the 2020 Colors of the Year

Fall is the time of the year that the paint companies begin announcing their color of the year selections. The picks from three of the top paint companies for 2020 reflect the natural canvases of our world; from the night’s sky to the great depths of ocean, down to the green foliage covering the earth.  From those hints you may have guessed that two of the colors are shades of blue and the third is a green hue. Each company referenced a need for coming back to nature as one of the key reasons for selecting their color of the year.

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Love Where You Live | 09.25.17

Tips for Selecting Paint Colors for Your Home’s Interiors (Part 1)

Did you know that color has a big impact on your mood? Knowing what those effects are can be really helpful in selecting paint colors for your home’s interiors. Homeowners frequently take on the task of painting their home and whether it’s one room at a time or tackling the whole house, deciding on colors can sometimes make the start of the project drag on. We’ve been doing some research on the psychology of color and learning more about which colors work best in certain areas of the home and wanted to share that insight with you. In part one, we will talk about the brighter end of the color spectrum and in part two we will cover the neutrals.

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