Cool High Tech Appliances & Gadgets for the Kitchen

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.31.16

Every year I’m fascinated to learn about new electronic gadgets for the home. But more than anything, I especially love to hear about high tech gear for kitchens. This year’s innovations are impressive and range from large appliances to small kitchen gadgets that tech savvy homeowners will love. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to share with you in this blog.

Not your average refrigerators

Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

If you can’t bear to miss a second of your favorite TV show or simply want to watch while preparing dinner, this is the refrigerator for you. It has an integrated 21” touchscreen that allows you to surf the web, watch Netflix, listen to music, and even order groceries through an app!

LG Signature Refrigerator

Just in case you don’t have the energy to open the refrigerator door, this one will do it for you. Its Auto Door function will detect when your foot is nearby and voila! How handy is that for unloading groceries? It also has Knock On technology, which causes the door to become transparent when you knock on it allowing you to see inside without even opening the door.

Super Cool Gadgets

Smarter Fridge Cam

If you aren’t ready to invest in one of those fancy refrigerators, try this fridge cam. It takes a photo of the contents of your refrigerator every time it’s opened. Photos are transferred to your phone to make grocery shopping easier.

Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

Pair this pan with its free app to get cooking instructions and temperature feedback. The app paired with the temperature sensors inside the pan will tell you when to flip your steak or fish and can tell you when the temperature is too high or low. It even tells you when to stir!

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Tired of waiting for that perfect bottle of wine to mature before its ready to drink? Get one of these decanters and it will aerate wine using concentrated purified oxygen to enhance the flavor of any wine in minutes.


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