Combine Your Remodeling Projects to Save Money

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.19.16

Most Grand Rapids homeowners have a wish list of items they would like to improve in their home - maybe a kitchen remodel, updating the powder room, adding a mudroom, and finishing the basement. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all done at once? Would you be surprised to know that you could actually save money by having your remodeler complete the work at the same time? Yes it’s true; you can actually save money by combining remodeling projects.

How do you actually save money by combining remodeling projects?


When you hire a remodeler, they will begin the process by completing the design for your project. Typically, you would incur a separate fee for each project, however if you have all the pieces designed at once you will only incur one design fee. Besides the money you save here, you benefit from having your designer take a holistic look at your home and the areas you want to remodel. This ensures that all options are considered and ultimately leads to making the best decisions on space usage, functionality, and selections. When you focus on one room at a time, you may make a decision that could impact future renovations.


When your remodeler can use their crews to complete multiple projects at the same time it saves both time and money. You’ll also benefit from having your remodeler take on smaller jobs that they may not normally take such as swapping out bathroom fixtures or adding a light in your dining room.

Fixed Costs

There are costs associated with every remodel that will be included in your project budget such as permit applications, dumpster fees, inspections, or portable toilets. When you combine your projects, you only have to incur these fees once.

Homeowner Expenses

Depending on the complexity and the rooms involved in your remodel, there will be things that you will need to do prior to and during the construction phase. This could include renting a storage facility, boarding pets, and spending more time eating at restaurants. Some homeowners choose to move out for a few days or weeks while work is being completed. Getting everything done at once can be easier on your wallet.

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