Design Trends for Today’s Dining Room

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.4.22

With Thanksgiving on its way, many homeowners are preparing to host guests for the big meal.  And the two most important rooms in the house for this particular holiday are the kitchen and the dining room. Over the past few years, dining rooms have seen a lot more activity than they did before the pandemic. The room we only used for holidays or special occasions has now become a multi-purpose room or for some, a place where everyday meals are shared by the family.  Let’s take a look at how design trends have shifted for dining rooms post pandemic.

For Multipurpose Dining Rooms

In households where one or more people are working from home, the dining room has become a common room to multipurpose for a home office, however most are not equipped to function as an office. Typically, you will not have charging stations, storage areas, adequate lighting, or seating suitable for 8 hours of sitting.

  • Select good quality ergonomic seating that can function for both dining and working.
  • Use a variety of lighting to include overhead, wall lighting, and lamps and add dimmers so that you can adjust them as needed.
  • Add electrical outlets and/or set up areas where you can keep things plugged in or charge up your devices.

Design Trends for Dining Rooms in General

The following trends are applicable to multipurpose or single purpose dining rooms.

  • Take the “stuffiness” out of the room by choosing less formal dining furniture.
  • Use an area rug large enough to protect your floors beneath the dining table and chairs.
  • Oversized lighting fixtures placed above the table.
  • Feature walls with murals, particularly with a nature scene.
  • Casual tablescapes featuring layered linens, placemats and fresh flowers or a centerpiece.

A few years back we wrote a great feature titled Three Design Tips for Small Dining Room which would also be helpful if you are looking at updating your Dining Room. You might also enjoy taking a look through our galleryfor inspiration and if you are ready to make some changes in your own home, please reach out to us to get the conversation started.


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