Featured | 11.4.22

Design Trends for Today’s Dining Room

With Thanksgiving on its way, many homeowners are preparing to host guests for the big meal. And the two most important rooms in the house for this particular holiday are the kitchen and the dining room. Over the past few years, dining rooms have seen a lot more activity than they did before the pandemic. The room we only used for holidays or special occasions has now become a multi-purpose room or for some, a place where everyday meals are shared by the family. Let’s take a look at how design trends have shifted for dining rooms post pandemic.

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Featured | 07.31.19

Three Design Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

Large, spacious dining rooms simply don't exist in every home. In fact, some families prefer a cozier spot for meals. When we work with homeowners remodeling small dining areas, the two biggest design challenges are how to accommodate more seating and storage. Fortunately, our creative design team is proficient at listening to each family's needs and determining how to get the most out of every inch of space.

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Featured | 07.22.18

Natural Elements Take Center Stage in this Whole House Remodel

Our clients were empty nesters who had decided to remodel their home instead of moving. We were happy to work with them to complete a whole house remodel, which included renovating the entire exterior, energy upgrades throughout, a new kitchen, updated fireplace, living room, dining room, and main entry. See this remodel story come to life through the series of before and after photos below.

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Love Where You Live | 11.12.17

Home for the Holidays

Folks, we are heading into the holiday season and you know what that means? Friends, family, and neighbors gathering in your home to celebrate, share meals, and socialize. If you are like me, you can’t wait for the fun to start! And for all the planners and party host and hostesses out there, the holiday season means your living room, dining spaces and kitchens are about to get some heavy use.

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Trends | 09.19.15

The evolution of the dining room

Remember the segregated formal dining room? I sure do and though many homes still have them, the Thompson Remodeling design team has found that many families are opting to create an informal dining area when they renovate. Typically, these spaces are created to encourage multi-use for other activities such as homework or entertaining. Here are few examples of great informal dining spaces we’ve created recently.

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